Enter the World of Tropical House Plants

preserved dateTropical house plants are the ‘in-thing’ right now and have become the favorite decorative accessory to glam up your home indoors as well as outdoors. There are many reasons to use these fire retardant artificial plants in the scheme of things, and one of them is low maintenance and high durability. When you imagine a tropical houseplant the first picture that comes up in your mind is the refreshing palm tree. With so many varieties of artificial tropical plants available with ThermaLeaf, a palm tree wouldn’t be your only option to revamp your home this summer.

Expand your Lofty Ceilings with Hanging Bush

To decorate a house is not that difficult a job when using artificial plants as they have the tendency to make any available space their own. There is a long list of tropical plant species out there, which allow you to expand your plant décor and lets you include more tropical house plants than ever before. The artificial foliage available with us can help you cover your lofty ceiling with elegant hanging plants. A high home ceiling looks doubly great with the setup of artificial hanging bush.

These native looking bushy hanging plants are hard to miss by anyone that comes to your home. And not only homes, their lifelike quality have persuaded many commercial outlets to make them a prime decorative accessory at shopping malls, casinos, hotels, restaurants and also in public places knowing their fire retardant quality. Their beautiful shape has the knack for bringing a gaping ceiling down a bit, making the available space a bit cozier.

Don’t let the staircase feel empty

Many of us have that bare staircase landing that you don’t know what to do with? In such a scenario, an artificial tropical floor plant is the perfect accessory that can really transform this transitional space, into a bright spot of your home. If you are looking for that perfect plant that holds its own as a decorative focal point, then a fire retardant Preserved Date Palm or and Areca Palm is your perfect match.

Traditional yet extremely stylish, preserved Date Palm trees will introduce a warm and comfortable style to your home as well as commercial outlet. So, if you are looking to turn those barren stairs into the bright spot of your home and add some natural charm, then our artificial Date Palm tree is ideal.

Nothing Better than a Coconut Palm Tree

Due to a variety of shapes and sizes, artificial tropical plants have made it possible for us, to even get the tallest of natural trees to become our everyday gazing object. A preserved Coconut palm tree is the finest example as what level of artistic reality is gone into making these artificial decorative accessories. If you’re looking to add a distinct persona to your tropical theme, then nothing is better for you other than our faux preserved Coconut trees.

Their lifelike quality is so amazing that you’ll be tempted to water them, as well as break open the sweet looking fruit of the plant. One more feature that sets this artificial tree apart is the fire retardant element, which you will only get with ThermaLeaf, an amazing accessory to have at home, as well as at your office building.

Stunning designs, UV protection, plus tested and verified as a flame retardant tree, with smooth artificial foliage, our fire retardant large artificial Coconut trees are a slick and smart decorative choice for a large number of settings.