Faux Plants and Trees for Improving the Look and Feel of Corporate Spaces

PlantsDesigning a perfect corporate is never easy. Not because it requires top professionals only, but you need to create the feel of a corporate place. The landscape décor plays a huge role in giving the feel of a corporate space. In short, it needs to be crisp and tidy, with a touch of elegance to provide a classy feel to the people. You need to incorporate new ideas and technologies as well for designing the best landscape. It should be complete and should bring the awe factor to the place.

Crisp landscape

Using designer furniture and flashy items is an outdated method as it captures the attention but fails to make a long-lasting impression and the desired feel. Using simple landscaping tools like a shade of greenery is trending in a market as it creates a refreshing and natural ambiance. Along with the natural elegance, some advanced landscaping tools like the silk botanical items have the required classiness to create a corporate feel. Let's take a look at the trending faux greenery as landscaping décor.

Faux landscaping items

Looking at the boring concrete forest at corporate locations, the faux greenery gives the desired rejuvenating feel. Having a plant or tree makes the atmosphere calm and relaxing and adds uniqueness. You may try the natural plants as landscaping décor, that won't make an ideal corporate landscape due to its drawbacks. As a result, the silk greenery is accepted as the ideal décor.

Faux greenery gives better natural feel than the real plants and also better for the corporate space due to its distinct advantages over the latter. Let's a look at why the silk greenery is considered best.

Silk greenery- ideal corporate landscape

Reasons why faux greenery is considered the best organizational landscaping tool:

  • Hassle free- with faux plants; you can have a hassle-free view as it doesn't need any maintenance like regular watering or pruning; which goes along perfectly with corporate offices.
  • Economical- after all it's better than using designer landscaping items because of the unbeatable landscape at much-reduced investment. The long-lasting products will give best returns on your investment.
  • Unmatched quality- the silk plants are made using premium quality materials and give brilliant landscapes using simple tools.
  • Fully customizable- the silk plants come with the exact specifications to give you the best tools for your landscapes. You need not worry about accommodating any item in a smaller space.
  • Convenient anywhere- the faux landscaping tools are suitable for all locations and don't need optimum conditions like the real counterparts.

Perfect locations

The artificial landscape is apt for almost all commercial places with offices and corporate sectors being the most suitable. Owing to the dull and boring nature of the offices and strict schedules, a patch of greenery is essential for keeping it lively. Apart from that, the sophisticated look of the faux plants is ideal for creating the classiness of a corporate space. You can use the faux greenery to create any commercial or corporate office landscape. 

Most commonly used faux greenery

  • Faux foliage- consists of the wide range of natural-looking faux mosses, boxwood mats, small flowers, plant sprays, etc.
  • Silk plants- you can pick the silk version of your favorite plant for bringing the required look at your commercial space.
  • Artificial trees- artificial trees, of comparatively larger size can give a beautiful look to your landscape. Faux trees are ideal for attention seeking purpose in the landscape.
  • Fake palms- the real looking fake tropical palm trees are great for building tropically themed landscapes and also giving the subtle tropical feel.
  • Silk topiaries- the attractive and amazingly beautiful silk topiaries can be used to make a statement at corporate locations. You can use them to convey your story to the visitors and clients.

Faux foliage

It comprises of the rare and beautiful mosses and faux boxwood mats which can be used to bring in the vibrant ambiance in the otherwise dull and dreary areas. They can be used in a wide range of applications with the ideal planters and bases for the desired astonishing look and feel. Apart from these, the small flowers, stems, garlands, hanging bushes also fall under this category. They help give an off the edge look to any interior or exterior landscape.

Silk plants

While the vibrant silk colorful flowering plants and vines cover the picturesque landscapes, the full range of grasses, bushes, and shrubs, cactus and succulents make up the centerpiece landscapes, and the hanging plants help create the uniqueness your corporate landscape deserves. You can get customized landscaping items to go with your needs.

Artificial trees

It includes all the big trees that can make excellent indoor and outdoor landscapes. Faux trees may look more natural outdoors but placing them indoors will give the necessary awe factor that will make jaw-dropping landscapes. You can choose the excellent collection of artificial fall trees to create a unique landscape. The wide range of silk pine, bonsai, bamboo, and preserved large trees will transform any landscape into an extraordinary one.

Fake palms

The majestic tropical palm trees are ideal for a tropical feel and also can be used for a refreshing environment. It's perfect for commercial places, and corporate sectors to be colorful and fresh and the fake palms fulfill the exact requirement.

Silk topiaries

The silk topiaries come in wide range of spirals, balls, cones and other structures that will give a distinct look to any landscape. You can use the fantastic structures to build customized office logo or any design that will tell your story to your clients.

ThermaLeaf® technology

Considering the recent fire accidents in offices where cheap landscaping helped the spread of fire, the fire retardant varieties of landscaping items are designed with special chemicals to stop the fire spread. It is widely used in corporate sectors and commercial places for ensuring the safety of life and property.