Faux Topiary Balls - Versatile for All Kinds of Landscaping Needs

TopiaryDo you need something eye-catchy or attention grabbing for your commercial or residential landscape? Artificial ball topiaries are undoubtedly the right item for your place. No matter whatever settings your lawn currently add, these topiaries will add elegant and artful items to your place thus making everyone stay mesmerized and attracted. The looks of any commercial or home landscape are important because the landscape is always the thing that a visitor will encounter at first. A beautifully decorated yard will obviously make everyone feel refreshed and invited. Among all the landscaping products, topiaries are the most creative elements that everyone wants to add to their space. And over this faux ball topiaries add lively and bold touch to any settings.

Types of Faux Topiary Balls

You can have artificial topiaries in different types concerning the number of balls they have. These topiaries are designed in elegant and stylish flower pots or vases or may be any other cement structure fixed at a particular place. These can glorify your lobbies, entrance, outdoor landscape, empty interior corners and more thus adding warmth and grace to your space. Let's have a look at different kinds of ball topiaries you can have for your landscape.

Artificial Single Ball Topiaries

Single artificial topiary balls consist of single ball topiary probably of faux boxwood or any other variety that you prefer to choose. The size of the ball may vary as per one's preference and availability of space where topiary is required to be placed. You can custom design the size of the ball as per your desire. Some of the professional manufacturers, help you create a suitable single ball topiary as per your specific indoor or outdoor settings so that you can have the most suited product.

Double Ball Faux Topiaries

Do you want to get the ambiance and mood of your settings uplifted? Double ball silk topiaries are the ideal choice for your space. The amazing accents of our double topiary ball plants will bring special appealing looks to your commercial as well as residential settings. Whether you place them in the reception area, waiting room or entrance of your commercial space or you add them in your living area, dining area or outdoor patio; these will be complementing your all kinds of spaces amazingly. As the name suggests, double ball topiaries consist of two balls designed one above another pattern in a vase or potted plant format.

Artificial Triple Ball Topiaries

Need to add some creative piece to your settings? Choose triple ball topiaries for your place and give onlookers an artful piece to feel attracted. In this type of topiary, three ball topiaries are created in line vertically to form a lovely faux plant. Triple ball topiaries look stunning and can add a wonderful decorative item to your place. With these, you don't need to spend on expensive decorative items as these will grab the attention of everyone. You can get topiaries of the desired size created to best suit your space requirements.

In addition to these types of topiaries, you can have quadruple and so on topiaries designed as per your desire. You can have any number of balls of custom shade and size designed in a topiary. Most of the manufacturers keep this custom option open so that customers can get specific products as per their interest.

Advantages of Faux Topiary Balls

There are countless benefits of adding artificial ball topiaries to your space a few of which are as follows.

No Pruning, Watering or Maintenance Needed

The biggest advantage of these faux topiaries is that they are maintenance free. Since these are made up of plastic and similar synthetic material hence don't demand any maintenance or upkeep requirements. You neither need to take care of their pruning nor watering. This also saves the big bucks that you otherwise need to spend on regular maintenance needs of living topiary plants.

Fire Retardant Solution

If you are worried about the security of your commercial space in case of fire accidents, faux topiary balls are the products you need to get installed. As excellent quality silk plants are manufactured using the latest technology in which different varieties of fire retardant chemicals are impregnated with the raw material. This makes them safest solution for any place that is prone to fire hazards. But for having the right quality of ball topiaries, you need to find the reliable and trustworthy artificial plant manufacturer that is known to offer safe and quality products for your landscape.

Striking Decoration without Expensive Stuff

If you have any upcoming event in your office, home or at your place, then instead of wasting an enormous sum of money on expensive decor items, you can invest in artificial topiary balls, as these will be giving your place a striking decoration at the easiest. You can get a custom designed the required faux topiary ball for your space and let everyone gets mesmerized. Whether it's your new year celebration, Christmas event, any official party or any household function, these are considered perfect for any day. Adding certain kind of colorful lights can just make your celebration evening more special.

Durable and Weather Proof

Need some durable and sturdy decor for your outdoor landscape but afraid of the changing weather? With artificial ball topiaries, you need not bother about outside or inside weather, as these are made up of highest quality material that can withstand all types of weather conditions. Ranging from those rainy days to harsh Sunny days and winter season. The water resistant and UV resistant properties of these silk plants make them last for years without losing their color and quality. Hence your one-time investment in these artificial landscaping solutions can let you rest assured that you won't have to spend money again and again on your landscape.