Fire Retardant Trees and Plants: A Safe Play Ground

fire retardant artificial treesIt has happened many times before and will happen in future as well that time and again you have to prove people that artificial trees and plants made and designed today, especially by ThermaLeaf®, which is a trademarked brand of artificial foliage and is the safest and the most valuable solution in the industry today. A hazard from wildfire is a reality that many people have to deal with, so creating a defensible space in and around your home and property is crucial to prevent fire damage. Along with this the choice of plant or tree also plays an important part, as some plants you buy, may not have the same fire retardant feature that you get with artificial foliage from ThermaLeaf®.

Why Choose ThermaLeaf®?

You as a homeowner or as a person taking care of the landscaping area would never imagine the plants and flowers brought to decorate your home and property to cause any havoc. In the past, we all have seen major accidents caused due to silk plants and its damages caused to people and property. To avoid such a dangerous scenario, ThermaLeaf® by Commercial Silk Int'l, which is a trademarked brand of artificial foliage, makes the fire retardant chemical that is impregnated into the raw materials during the manufacturing process, thereby creating the safest decorative solution in the industry today.

How will it benefit you?

Impeccable Designs – Silk plants, flowers or trees, believe it or not are more appealing, charming and wanting than the real ones. The design and manufacturing techniques have undergone such a drastic change that you will be confused, as to which is real and which is fake? The flawless designs and the vibrancy of colors present in each piece of artificial fire retardant plants makes you have them in your surrounding with an instant.

Longevity Factor - So, how long will a fresh plant stay shining in your centerpiece or how many days a beautiful red rose bouquet given to you by someone special keep looking pretty? No real plants and flowers will provide you the same sheen when you first saw it, but with a nicely decorated artificial centerpiece can still provide you the same vibrancy till you get bored with looking at it. Remember, silk plants look good for almost 10-12 years, given you take good care of it that just includes dusting and cleaning. No more fuss.

Design Whatever You want – With the variety of artificial fire retardant artificial plants and trees available with us, you are sure to end up in a problem of plenty while selecting the perfect match for your home and office. When using outdoors, artificial hanging plants or even the fire retardant custom plants, can light up your commercial property and you can design any number of themes to match your business with our variety of plants and flowers.

Most cost effective – Not everybody can afford to deck up their home or commercial property with natural flowers and plants, considering the economic part of it. If you have set a budget to spend hundreds of dollars every week, to keep your place beautiful and charming, then it’s fine.

However, if you can’t spend that much to deck up your ambiance, then fire retardant artificial plants and flowers is your best and safest bet and accessory to invest into.

Drought Tolerant Landscaping is the trend of the season – Now that it’s hot and glossy in most parts of the country, this also is the perfect time to revamp your home and surrounding or commercial establishment like malls, hotels, public places' theme parks and much more with drought tolerant as well as fire retardant plants and trees. Convert them into a sustainable living atmosphere using drought tolerant landscaping.