From Custom to Tropical – You name it and we have it!!

fire retardant artificial palm treeIn the times of glitz, glamour and glory there are something things that provide a long lasting impact and artificial plants, trees and flowers do the same thing without giving you a hard time. Adorning your home, workplace or a commercial outlet like shopping mall, resort, theme parks, hotels and restaurants was an annoying task some time back, but not now, thanks to beautifully crafted fire retardant silk plants. 

Customized Artificial Trees

The shape and size of every commercial space differ, you just can’t buy artificial plants and place it wherever you like to. It takes some knowledge and expertise to make a business establishment stand out from the rest.

Whether your importance is in the space or theme, we design one-of-a-kind custom artificial trees as per your specifications. Our varieties of silk trees are made from premium quality material and our intricate detailing and realistic styling gives the customized fake trees a stunningly lifelike appearance. 

Use them as you want for indoors, outdoors or a full-fledged commercial landscaping, we have the desired expertise to get it done right for you. What sets these silk trees apart is the ThermaLeaf brand. Our custom artificial trees are crafted with fire retardant chemicals, making them the safest fire retardant trees available in the market. 

We deeply understand the concern to safeguard your loved ones, and your business from various dangers and hence, that has pushed us to come up with fire retardant custom plants and trees ensuring your safety and durability of the highest order.

Tropical Themes are Trending

Ever dreamt of living in a tropical jungle in your home or workplace, if yes, then here is your opportunity to recreate the serenity of tropical, and give the visitors an ambiance to admire via artificial tropical trees.  

Designed to perfection, the artificial Tropical trees do not require continuous upkeep, which saves your time as well as money. Versatile and imposing, these fake Tropical trees look straight from your favorite island paradise and capture the beauty of the tropics aptly.

Silk Tropical trees will bring a rejuvenating and an exotic feel with itself, giving an impression that you’re on a holiday. Perfectly suited for a theme park, water park, hotel, pool, and restaurant or in your own home backyard, these fake beauties will create a stunning and exclusive desert island. An adorable design and high quality material make our large Tropical trees ideal for a rainforest or other tropical themes. The lush tropical greenery of this artificial decorative element will definitely captivate every onlooker's mind.

With custom production available to suit your requirements as well as commercial landscaping and designing, our silk Tropical trees are a true delight. A practical and a lush green haven in itself, fire retardant Tropical trees are stunningly realistic and make an elegant decorative accessory to any setting.