Girdle Your Pool into a Tropical Island

tropical palmsDo you recall those moments when you wanted to spend some quality time with your near and dear ones and go to a tropical island, enjoy the beach, soak in the sun, and yes, drink coconut water. Well, if such destinations are becoming your inaccessible dream, considering the daily ethos of life, then its time you bring that favorite tropical atmosphere you loved right into your backyard. 

Having a pool in your back yard is always a luxury for family and friends to relax, and chill out; they are a fun addition to a backyard. However, when you think of making it more natural with the addition of plants and trees, its beauty and vibe doubles up. Surrounding the pool with real plants and trees can also be a tedious job and difficult to keep clean. 

If you want to save some valuable time from hours of skimming the surface of the pool with a net to collect leaves, petals, and flowers, replace them with the fake version or the perfect replica, which is our forte the artificial palm trees and the numerous varieties of tropical plants, flowers and trees.                  

With the advancement in technology, one thing has surely upgraded and that is the quality of products. Today, we at ThermLeaf manufacture and design a whole range of artificial trees that are specifically designed for outdoor use only. The designs are so superb that they breathe life into any surrounding and look just like the real thing. The feature of UV coating helps the artificial foliage, to protect the synthetic leaves from fading or toning down in the sunlight. 

But the biggest plus that everyone who shops from us the elegant artificial palm tree, date tree or any other variety gets is the flame protection. Yes, silk plants from ThermaLeaf are fire retardant plants and trees and do not catch fire. This is the main reason we are also widely recommended at not just home décor plants, but large scale artificial outdoor landscaping or drought tolerant landscaping is also our forte.       

Now, speaking about decorating your pool with artificial tropical plants has its own benefits. Let’s have a look at some of them.

  • With natural plants comes the natural waste that needs to be cleaned every day. If you have someone to look after that mess, then it's good, but if your life is busy as all others, then for sure have some ethnic varieties of Preserved coconut palm, Date palm or the Areca Palm.
  • Your construction is always safe when using artificial plants, trees and flowers in and around your surroundings and don’t have to worry about the roots as they won’t compromise the integrity of the concrete surrounding your pool.
  • The water is precious, save it. And yes, by the use of fake greenery around your pool, you are certainly saving a lot of this vital resource. You don’t need to worry about irrigation because they don’t need to be watered. Just some dusting and minimal cleaning, and they shine as new and fresh again.
  • Using artificial tropical plants and trees to surround your pool mean you won’t have pests, and insects living in there.
  • Every season is a native season when decorating your pool side with faux plants. You aren’t just limited to trees that are native to your area, but you can incorporate much more than that. Keep in mind that fire retardant artificial plants are your best bet in today’s ever changing sense for fashion, design and decor, both indoors and outdoors.