Give Your Guesthouse a Classy and Quaint Vibe with These 8 Incredible Decor Hacks

Give Your Guesthouse A Classy And Quaint Vibe With These 8 Incredible Decor HacksDecorating a guesthouse has many challenges. The guests may take an overnight halt or may opt for an extended stay. No matter how long they stay, you have to offer them an inviting, comfortable and relaxing ambiance.  Maybe you want to make your guesthouse chick and classy. Here are 8 incredible decor hacks that make the guesthouse memorable to the visitors.  Longing for the details? Scroll down to the last!

1. Offer a cozy and comfy bed

Everyone longs for a good night’s rest. So, consider revamping the bed first. Make sure that the springs are okay and the mattress is soft and supple. Cover it first with a mattress cover and then with a premium quality bed sheet. Use cotton sheets in the colder months and linen sheets in the warmer months.

Provide a large headboard and number of soft pillows. The guests would be able to do their work leaning on the headboard. If budget permits, make it padded. This will make the bed more comfortable.

Better stick to white color sheets. All-white bedding evokes a spick and span feeling in the guests’ minds. Also, keep an extra set of linen ready for meeting any exigencies.  Perception of thermal comfort varies from person to person. Keep a soft and plush blanket for providing extra warmth if necessary. You can also add a faux skin throw blanket. This will add a luxurious touch.

2. Pop up with paint

Now that you have taken care of the bed, you must consider the wall color. Mind, whatever you do, you have to make the guesthouse house a relaxing retreat. Different people show different reactions to the same color scheme. As such, it is wise to choose a neutral color scheme.

The best part of using a monochromatic color scheme is that you can create it with any color. You may use green, blue, gray, and any other neutral color for this. Ensure that you use both lighter and darker shades of the main color. When you use

Paint the walls in darker shades and use lighter shades for the ceiling. This will give a feeling of a higher ceiling and enhance the decor. In case you want to impose a vibrant look, you may add accent colors for styling it up.

3. Liven up with artificial plants and flowers

The faux plants and flowers can freshen up any space without compromising aesthetics. Unlike the live plants, the fake plants and trees indoor need no maintenance. Periodic cleaning is enough to keep them shining.  This makes them ideal for use in the guesthouses.

These are available in varieties of trees, plants, topiaries, palms, and foliage. They can also be customized to suit any decor need. Maybe you want to create a desert vibe in the guesthouse. You can use artificial barrel cactus for the same.  The small fake tropical plants are the best when you want to have a tropical vibe.

Including green topiary balls is also a brilliant way to enhance the decor. They do not attract insects and are fire retardant. Thus, your guests get a safe and hygienic stay.

4. Ensure soft landing

The floor is the first thing that your guest touches in the morning. A hard feeling under the feet is sure to spoil the mood. This makes the floor an important element in guest house decoration. Cover the floor with a soft carpet. This will let the feet sink, and the plush feeling will lift up the mood.

Carpets are also good for noise sound dampening. These are available in many colors and textures. Get one that matches with the rest of the room. It will make your guesthouse warm and cozy.

5. Layer the lights

Layered lighting is the key to the best guesthouse decoration. Combine aesthetics with functionalities. This will create the right ambiance in the guesthouse.  Arrange for ambient, task and accent lightings. It will fulfill the different needs of the guests.

You may use pendants or lamp shades depending on your decor theme. Poke holes in a dark lampshade to create a unique design. This will create a whimsical environment when switched on.  There should also be bedside lamps for reading. Provide dimmer arrangements for controlling the illumination. This will lift up the decoration to the next level.

6. Consider the curtains and draperies

You know that the tree outside blocks the view. But your guests do not. So must ensure privacy with curtains and drapes. Hang those high from near to the ceiling and almost touching the floor. This will lift up the room visually.

Cotton is the most versatile curtain option. Layer it with heavy fabrics like velvet. Choose a color that compliments the decor of the guesthouse. This will also help to block out the outside light, and your guests will enjoy a nice sleep.

7. Include comfortable seating

None of your guests will be sleeping all the time. They would expect a cozy seating arrangement in the guest house for relaxing and reading. Include a comfortable sofa or a lounge chair in the guest room and try to place it near the window.

You can also use a bin chair instead. If the room does not have a wall-to-wall carpet, provide a soft area rug to define the zone. This will let your guests catch their breath.

8.  Provide some entertainment

Great hospitality means attending to every detail. Include a TV in the room with Netflix connection. The guest will be able to watch anything according to their choice. You can also make arrangements to play soft music. Also, keep some reading materials in the room. This can include newspapers, magazines, and light novels. Your guests would love this for passing quality time and will make repeated visits.


The above are the 8 exciting ideas that can make your guest house unique. These are simple but effective. You can implement them at ease without spending a fortune. Try these for your guest house to offer a cozy and comfortable stay.