Here's How Luxury Suite Designers Make Bathrooms So Relaxing

FlowersRemodeling a bathroom might often turn into a challenging process, but there is no doubt that it provides you with the excellent opportunity to experiment with your creativity. With such flexibility, even this daunting endeavor can turn into a fun activity. Bringing the essence of bathrooms in light, it is the place where you prep up yourself for the rest of the day that showcases your style and appearance.

For every homeowner, designing their bathroom means mostly following the design of luxury suites. Everyone wants to pick their favorite luxury suite bathroom design features and incorporate it into their shower space. When you are planning for a bathroom remodel, there are certain contemporary design features that you should keep in mind to make your bathroom space a showstopper. Here are some amazing designing ideas inspired by luxury suites that will help you out:

Dressing your walls in an underlying tone

While designing your bathroom space, there should be a long-term efficiency and functionality in your mind, particularly with your bathroom walls. For achieving a weathered, worn-in-look, you have to choose a paint that will enhance the tone of the walls when mixed directly into a plaster product. You can hire the services of professional painters who possess the ability to hand spread the mixture over the walls, meeting your requirement of getting an aged, mottled appearance. This kind of design application will evoke an echo of detail, specifically where the rounded corners of the wall come in contact with each other.

Show off with a glass shower door

When you are expecting an upgrade that will be both functional and stylish, consider investing in glass shower doors that are frameless. The frameless glass shower door is a very common bathroom detail you can find in luxury suites. Not only will a glass shower door provide your bathroom with a contemporary and luxurious look, but it also permits you to access your bathroom space conveniently. For instance, if you have a flat bathroom floor, it offers you easy and simple access both in and out, without the need for any steps. Also, this kind of exclusive designing facility will be of great help, if you have aging individuals in your family.

Install greenery for a positive vibe

Most homeowners have a great enthusiasm for adding greenery to the landscape of their property. But, what if you have an immaculate space in your bathroom and you have no clear idea how to leverage the idle space? Well, it might come as an astonishment to you, but you can also have green additions to your bathroom space as well. Moreover, the presence of the color green will motivate and help you in relaxing. Apart from uplifting your mood, this designing concept can enhance the appeal and attraction of your bathroom, just like you wanted after thinking of luxury suites. However, there is no specified rule that you have to go with live plants only; you can also plant artificial silk flower arrangements that need no maintenance, unlike live plants.

Break the stereotype with faux green

The natural plants will require routine upkeep to keep them shining and in a healthy shape. Moreover, due to their limited lifecycle, you will always look for replacements. If your lifestyle does not grant you the time for maintaining live plants in your indoor and bathroom space, it is time to think big. Speaking of which, you can invest in faux greenery such as artificial flowers and fake plants.

They are a brilliant alternative to natural green plants, and you can choose from a wide range of varieties, catering to your specific design requirements. Developed with premium quality foliage and robust, colorfast pigment, these fake flowers can keep you rest assured of the aesthetic appeal in your bathroom.

Unwind in bench seating arrangement

Having a large bathroom space is sometimes the perfect place to include a bench and leveraging the space for relaxing and experiencing a comfy, luxurious scrub. While going through the bathroom design in luxurious suites, you might come across inbuilt seating arrangements. It does not mean that you have to implicate the same designing feature in your shower space; you can instead go for a simple teak shower seat.

Compliment the tiles with walls

Even though you do not possess an ambassadorial bathroom space in your home, you can always go innovative with the design to make it visually appealing. For instance, you can follow a singular color pattern during the building and designing process of your wall and tiles. If you have chosen the color white for painting the walls, going with white tiles will promote a seamless look. This kind of complementary color pattern will help you in extending your bathroom's sense of space, especially if you add white towels and shower curtains to the area.

Bring in the cabinetry style

Whether it is a normal bathroom or the luxury suite kind of bathroom that you are expecting to have, you must be thoughtful about the storage solutions. Shower shelving and cabinets are a welcoming addition to all kind of bathroom space. With cabinets, you can store all the bathroom requisites that you need after a shower. On the other hand, shelves allow you to place the soap, shampoo and other items that you need during the shower. From glass shelves to formal cabinetry, you can make a smart choice that works the best for your budget.

Light up space

Another design upgrade that will give an exclusive look and feel to your bathroom space is lighting. Generally speaking, it is the lighting that determines how successful your bathroom designing campaign was, especially when paired with faux greenery. These fake plants, when combined with overhead lights or skylights, can exceptionally brighten and illuminate your remodeled shower space.