House Décor That Boosts Your Sense of Well Being

Areca Palm Tree DecorJust imagine this. You are in a holiday resort. The reception area is gleaming with marble and gilded counters. You are requested to wait for a few minutes for the paperwork to go through. Soon, you are offered a welcome drink and ushered to the foyer. The foyer is embellished with crystal chandeliers, and beneath that you see comfortable maple wood furniture upholstered in pleasing paisley colors. The coffee table has a few embellishments. Beside the sofas are large earthen pots with luscious palm leaves swagging. On the coffee table is a brightly colored ceramic vase with exotic silk vanda and phalaenopsis orchids in vibrant, breathtaking colors.

You look around to take your surrounding in and notice an antique oak curio cabinet laden with colorful displays. In the far end, you see an ornate sculpted water fountain and hear the sound of the smooth water flow. Fenced around it is a botanically themed setting comprising of luxurious silk ferns and artificial boxwood topiary with wrought iron benches splattered to sit and enjoy. How do you feel? Well, these places are designed by professional interior decorators to heighten your sense of well-being. Nature is humbling. Greenery cools the eyes and arouses the spiritual being in us.

You had a wonderful vacation, and now you step into your home. You notice a stark difference. Your house though close to your heart and beautiful is not entirely giving you the calming sense you just left behind. Well, you don’t have to leave it behind. Bring your heightened senses home with the right decor. You don’t need to be a practiced decorator to do this. Then how can you bring the tranquillity to your home?

You can spruce up your home with these interior decorating tips and give it a new look making the envy of your neighborhood.

Add colors

Colors play a significant role in influencing moods and emotions. Why do you find a preponderance of the color red in restaurants and sage green in spas? That’s because red is known to evoke hunger and sage green is associated with nature which calms the mind. Everyone has a favorite color. Dress up the walls and windows with shades of your favorite color. You can also add an accent wall on one side with a wallpaper of your choice. Wallpaper displaying luscious woods or bamboo forests can instantly bring a calming effect in the space.

Bring the outdoors in

Having fresh plants at home though would be great is not a feasible solution for everyone. Watering them and taking them out in the sun regularly can be quite demanding and cumbersome. Alternatively, if you like textures, you could go for a glamorous but low maintenance option. High-end artificial plants add a touch of class and can brighten any corner of the house. These handmade plants are authentic replicas of existing plants. They come in various colors and hues representing seasonal variations from early spring to peak fall. The trees are made of highest quality wooden trunks with a durable natural finish. They come in different sizes to fit any room. They make great accompaniments for faux indoor landscaping as well. The best part is they are portable, durable, weather and climate tolerant. They are multifunctional too. Many faux trees are light and portable. You can move them around the house to change the decor to suit your taste. Your room will instantly get a fresh new look.

Personalise your space

You don’t need expensive paintings from auctions to decorate your home. Adding memorable pictures of the kids or old images of grandparents or the first shot of your babies adds elements of sentiments which will make you cherish the memories in those spaces.

Light it up

Have you ever noticed, jewelry shops are brightly lit, and restaurants are lit dimly? There is a reason for that. Lighting makes all the difference sometimes. Jewelry stores need glamour, the glitz and bright lights make everything look bigger and bolder. It’s done to create an illusion of grandeur. You want more for your money in jewels. However, you wouldn’t want to eat in brightly lit restaurants where you can obtrusively see strangers eating in the same room as you. Dim lights make spaces feel personal and cozy. It attracts less attention to someone a few feet away from you. Alter the areas in your home with lighting. Add more lights to a small space to make it look bigger. If it’s not possible to add extra lighting, add more standing lamps to create an effect. Bright lights add cheer and optimism around the house. They give out positive vibes creating positive energy all around. Use lights with dimmers. If you want to cozy-up the place for a romantic evening or feel like switching off the stress dim the lights and your mood changes instantly. Dim lights bring down stress by immediately quelling noisy heads. They decrease stress and have a calming result on people.

Comfort is the key

‘There is no place like home.’ Is the adage. That’s because you feel most secure at home with your family around you. Add the element of comfort to it, and you may never want to leave your home. Adding oversized plushy sofas and carpeting will warm up the place cozying it up for warm cuddles or just to let down your hair and kick up your legs.

Home is where the heart is. The above tips can be done as a DIY project. They are easy to maintain and also easy on your pockets. Take for example the gorgeous silk plants we have talked about. Adding near natural easy to maintain silk trees can take away your weekend chore of watering, turning the soil and moving in and out of the house for sunlight. These silk plants and trees come in various sizes and arrangements to suit every nook of the house. They also make great outdoor landscaping solutions since they are durable and climate proof. If you love fresh flowers, try the great silk flower arrangements from bouquets to topiaries. They will instantly transform and add an exotic touch to any place. Adding elements of nature, peace, and tranquillity is no rocket science. It is something that’s within us. We need a little time and rearrangement to bring it up in our homes.