How to Create an Attractive Fire-Resistant Hanging Basket

Hanging baskets are the first things which are noticed in your patio or the yard and are extremely mesmerizing when done right. Hanging bushes are fun, strikingly beautiful and add a lot of color and interest to your dull stunning. Here are some examples on how to create an attractive yet safe hanging basket for your windowsills or porch.

  • Select Fire-Resistant Plants – One of the biggest challenges of creating a perfect hanging basket is the safety aspect. Hence, be sure to make use of artificial hanging plants which are crafted from fire-resistant chemicals, which make them absolutely safe in case of fire breakout. ThermaLeaf offers a wide range of lifelike yet fire-resistant hanging bushes which will add uniqueness as well as the much needed safety aspect to your home landscaping. 


  • Create a riot of colors – Bright colors create a stunning impact whether its pool or windowsill. Right from bright red to blue, golden yellow to bold flame, it’s great to introduce vivacious colored blooms in your hanging basket to catch the eye of every onlooker from a distance. You can also mix blooms of various sizes and colors to create a more impactful visual.


  • Go with a theme – It’s always a good idea to think of a theme and then create the desired aesthetic rather than throwing in random flowers of multiple colors. How about a royal theme, consisting of sophisticated golden-yellow Petunias with the purple colored Clematis? Or maybe a patriotic theme with red, white and blue flowers. Take your pick and proceed. 


  • Add details – Lot of people bring home hanging baskets with artificial flowers and think they’re good to go. Of course, it looks good but you need to add those minute details and create a combination which will stand out. Add some small foliage or grass to introduce that subtle touch to your landscape.

Artificial hanging baskets are perfect for any setting as they don’t shed leaves and save you loads of maintenance time. So, what are you waiting for? Create your bold and hanging basket and make a statement.