How to Decorate a Small Space?

Decorating a large space is a bit less daunting compared to embellishing a small space. When you have a considerable real estate to play with, you can work around a theme or a landscape but when you have lesser square foot to work in, you really have to be smart and make the most out of every centimeter. Apart from maximizing the storage space, you need to learn to use various accessories and how they increase space visually. Here are a few tips which will get you started with your very own small project.

When there’s limited ground space, use up your walls effectively. Walls can be used efficiently to accommodate all your storage needs and make the space clutter free. Mount cabinets and other furniture on to the walls which will free up valuable space on ground. Also, buy furniture which serves multiple purposes so that you can do more with less.

Mirrors work wonders for small spaces. They make your space look bigger by reflecting light. So, hang it in a prime space, either near the entrance of your home or in your living room across from the window which will make it reflect natural light back into your space.

Bonsai plants or compact artificial silk floral arrangements will bring plenty of charm and color into your space. Color is yet another visual element which seems to expand the space and adds interest into a dull space. Just make sure that the faux flowers or plants you bring home are crafted using fire resistant chemicals. These fire retardant artificial plants and flowers go a long way in securing your small space from catching fire rapidly.

Although decorating small spaces is a challenge, it also brings an opportunity to spring a few surprises. So, rather than dreading it, embrace the opportunity, follow the above tips and create wonders.