How to Design a Start-Up Office Without a Hefty Budget?

How To Design A Start Up Office Without A Hefty BudgetThe Indian startup ecosystem is expanding at a phenomenal rate, so even if you are a new age entrepreneur and not a Google, doesn't mean you can't have an office space which is not only aligned with the needs of your young talented workforce but also has a long-lasting impact on your clients and investors within a budget. The goal is to own your dream office without burning a hole in your pocket!

1. Begin with Analysis

Need analysis is crucial as jumping to the design is futile if the need is not known. Understanding the long-term goals, values, and culture of your startup and then transferring this into physical space goes a long way. As you cannot afford to build demolish and rebuild your area if your needs are not satisfied.

2. Reflect your story

As startups are a brainchild of self- inspired young entrepreneurs, reflecting your beginnings and story can enhance the human element and lend a personal touch. It not only talks about the big ideas but the meaningful journey that has got the startup so far, which will make it unique.

3. Don't follow trends

Brand differentiation is vital in order to build likability for target customers and clients. It should show your culture and identity. Following trends can be risky. Trends come and go. You will feel like changing it, once they are outdated which will require more investment. Artificial greenery in pots is being used for a long time for decoration, which is budget-friendly as well.

4. The layout is the key

Your office space should be such that it promotes collaborative activities. Space management is important; for this, having a flexible space is essential. Your employees should not feel caged, so space it up! The design should be well thought out to include all the functional areas and using space intelligently.

5. First things first

Your reception area is where the first impression is made. All you need to do is inject a few your brand's personalities to make it unique and appealing. A startups reception area can be tranquil. Low maintenance fake climbing vine plants can go a long way in maintaining a good and a green environment. Also, Green artificial boxwood at the entrance looks welcoming.

6. Palette of working spaces

The office should have areas according to function. The is vast during designing. Customizable work stations, brainstorming areas, wide-open areas for a company gathering, quirky meeting rooms, huddle rooms, and acoustically dampened areas are key elements. Artificial vines with flowers can be placed in the restrooms. An important tip is separating areas by aquariums and fake bonsai tree in the aquariums.

7. The workstation

The work station should be designed such that the employee is happy to sit and work there all day! Apart from aligning the cubicles carefully in order to foster communication and discussion, artificial cubical plant holders at the work stations or one cubicle make the workstation looks more homely. Employees can be asked to choose the plant of choice. Artificial plants save the maintenance issue and are long term.

8. Tried and Tested Furniture

Choosing the right furniture significantly evolves the entire look. You cannot go wrong with mid-century furniture and hence saves a lot of cash. Center tables can be decorated with small fake tropical plants. Huge cushions and colorful bean bags can give it the young innovative touch. Bulky desks should be avoided.

9. Elegant Windows, Grids, and panes

In order to bring in the correct amount of natural light, the size and the design of the window should be carefully calculated. Grids and panes should be symmetrical and neatly places to give a clean look. Fake Climbing vine plants along the window look very artistic.

10. Walls and Ceilings

The walls and ceilings should not be heavily decorated. Accent walls project your impeccable taste. Less is more, so choosing a beautiful bold, bright color or mural artwork will do the trick. For dull areas or where you want to cover unsightly views outside the office, artificial boxwood mat can be used.

11. Smart Lighting and Air circulation

Going green should be considered. Natural lighting in open spaces can boost employee productivity, making the office look brighter and lively. Proper air circulation is essential for the employee's wellbeing and health.

12. Splash of colors

The office should look young and energetic since most of the workforce fall in a similar age bracket. Opting for primary colors, graphics, and art murals. Colors associated with the brand also goes a long way in enhancing uniqueness interrupted by fake hanging colored flowers and fire-retardant silk flowers gives a vibrant look.

13. Beyond the work

Who doesn't like food? A sip of coffee or a quick bite can help the workforce concentrate much better and stay focused. A miniature Café which has self-service can be a part of the setup. A good combination of junk and healthy food should be preferable.

14. Bring on the Fun

Long hours can make working brains inactive. Fun zones or recreational areas within the office can make the atmosphere energetic. Many startups have recently incorporated ping pong areas. Large artificial topiary balls hanging at the corners can save space in recreation halls.

15. Fire-resistant décor

A new concept of fire-retardant foliage not only plays a part in safety but also enhances the décor of the office. Fire retardant hanging flower basket and faux areca palm look beautiful and at the same time doesn't hamper the safety and wellbeing of the employees.


The ever-evolving office space designs put pressure on the new entrepreneurs to renovate the space, but unique ideas and intelligently executed design plans can help to have an office where both the employees and the customers like walking into. Your office is no less than a marketing tool, and you will be surprised how it can help your business.