How to Make an Ordinary Hotel Room Extraordinary on a Budget

thermaleafWhen designing a room for guests, the two prime factors that hoteliers should always keep in their mind are comfort and support. For hoteliers, the guest room design should be befitting for the overall color of the hotel’s theme and location. For instance, if your hotel is located near a beach or desert, the color palette should resemble the theme of the location, making the surrounding harmonious. 

If you are running on a fixed budget and looking for ways to make your hotel room the “talk of the town”, here are some tips to develop your ordinary hotel space into a multi-functional first-class hotel room:

Alter the Patterned Linens

Nothing annoys guests more than tacky, patterned linens regardless of their accommodation in a chain and independent hotels. Flat and synthetic linens downgrade the quality of the hotel rooms, something which your guests will consider in high regard. Thanks to the digital excellence, travelers can now have a complete access to all the features you provide in your hotel. Speaking of which, the bed linens would be one of the prime things that guests will take a look at while browsing your hotel profiles and websites. 

Pick Solid-colored Linens

Using attractive and quality bed linens play a vital role in creating the first impressions on the mind of your guests. To modify your linens on a reasonable budget, take the old patterned blankets and replace them with the new, brightly-colored alternatives. The best option is to go for white-on-white patterns, as it simplifies the laundry purposes and making the room feel more spacious. 

All-inclusive Keys to Comforts

While remodeling your hotel room space, pay special attention to the room’s acoustics, system controls, and ventilation. Guests love extra insulation, so if you think the walls need added insulation, it is time to bring your creativity to the procedure. Install carpet pad that is latest in the market along with the addition fabric walls spearheaded by upholstered wall panels. Following these key steps will not only increase the comfort level but will also enhance the aesthetic appeal in your room. 

Provide Cozy Amenities

With comfort in deliberation, make sure that your hotel room is ventilated in a correct manner. This involves avoiding the common mistake of placing the bed near the air vents and blocking the access to fresh air. Since technology determines the comfort and support in a hotel space nowadays, add modern Bluetooth speakers transforming your sound system. If circumstances allow, you can design a fireplace and supplement the area with faux greenery and artificial floral arrangements. Moreover, you can also think of installing a three-way switching control placed above the nightstand for better convenience. 

Promote a Green Environment

Adorning your hotel room space with a naturally green surrounding can boost the luxurious level of the area significantly. Owing to the modern foliage products, there is a wide range of artificial plants and trees available in the market that has the potential to soothe your hotel room’s environment. Whether your hotel is located near a desert, beach or mountain, you can have them tailor-made for suiting your regional climatic conditions. Also, when you have a fixed budget for designing your hotel room, these products can cater well to your needs.

Incorporating these forms of cost-effective greenery will be really effective during summer days and maintain the regular airflow. The best part about adding this kind of artificial greenery to your hotel room is that you never have to worry about the maintenance service and costs, something which you cannot get with live plants. You can enrich the design of your hotel room surrounding with the inclusion of artificial indoor trees, boxwood hedges and faux trees, faux flower, and many more. 

Light it Up

Making your hotel room look like a first-class one, you have to employ some mind-blowing techniques that include:

  • 3-way switch at the entrance point of the lamp beside your bed.
  • Incorporating automated closet lights that turn on as soon as the door gets open.
  • Installing reading lights at the bed that can be manually monitored.
  • Adding sweet-sounding and tuneful lighting in the bathroom along with overhead lighting at the vanity and applying lighting to the tub area. 

A Station for Late Night Snacks

Exclusive and luxurious hotel rooms cater to every need of their guest, which includes incorporating an accessible kitchen for snacks, coffee, and beverages. In case you want something exciting like that in your hotel room space, add a station for quick bites, as well as, a wine cooler or a mini bar. Providing your guests with the optimum level of convenience will make them stay longer and refer your accommodation services to their close friends and family. 

Evoke Emotions with Wall Paintings

Consider removing the dated pictures that have no relevance to the design concept of your hotel room or evoke little emotion. Get rid of such paintings and invest in wall hangings, especially those with minimalistic design features. Visitors, now more than ever, love impactful wall design features that tell a story about the surrounding of your hotel and the location. Moreover, when you invest in minimalist wall design elements, they also tend to be working for your budget. 

Focus on Flexibility

With multifaceted hotel design, it is important to make your hotel room a “multi-use” feature. For instance, adding a pivoting desk will provide the business travelers with an opportunity of watching T.V while going through business files. Besides, if you see that there is still some space left for adding extra seating arrangement, place a chaise lounge instead of a standard chair. You can also think of adding two upholstered chairs with ottomans made of leather. Ottoman makes a hotel stay really comfortable, as they are utilized for resting tired feet. You can also think of adding a mirror above the desk, leveraging the space for a make-up vanity.