How to Make Employees Look Forward to Work with Well Designed Office Break and Relaxation Zones?

LandscapingThe modern way of working lets employees stick to their desk for extended working hours. Spending considerable amount of time keeping an eye on the computer makes them feel mentally tired. For overcoming this tiredness, it has become crucial for organizations to establish some lucrative and break out areas around the complex where employees can relax for a while, have an informal meeting together and also rejuvenate their energy. Moreover, companies now understand that giving a good break time relaxation to the employees is important for energizing them and give a boost to their productivity. This also enhances a feeling of motivation and satisfaction among the employees.

The design of an office break or relaxation zone is one of the creative tasks that require an extensive amount of planning and expertise. These zones need to be designed in such a way that they can satisfy the minds of employees and make them feel fresh. But how to create such an engaging break are that can make your workforce feel relaxed? Here are some useful recommendations for establishing relaxation zones in a commercial complex.

Create a Simple yet Engaging Zone

A relaxation zone of any corporate office needs to be lucrative and different from the rest of your office space. A break area needs to be free from the feeling of the stress of work thus capable of giving a relaxing sensation to your workforce. If you have a small office space and your budget can't allow you to arrange a separate break time area for your employees, it is a good idea to add transparent screens instead of walls to put off the barrier in natural sight. By simply adding a vending machine, tea or coffee station could help to lighten up the mood of your workforce.

Make the Break Areas Most Comfortable

It is quite important to understand that an employee would be interested in relaxing at a place that can offer him/her the most comfortable seating or pass the time for a while. So, while designing a relaxation zone make sure to unwind that place from the ordinary routine. The structure and design of the area need to be very friendly and positive that can make the person feel relaxed. For this, it is recommended to get help from an expert.

Create An Appealing Landscape with Seating Arrangement

Spending the break time outdoors along the landscaped area of the office can be one of the preferred relaxation areas for your employees. Since natural sights always attract the senses of human being. Moreover, studies also show that a lush green and natural environment heals the senses of employees, rejuvenating their energy levels and increases the productivity of the workforce by 12-15%. Hence, it is a good idea to establish a well planned exterior landscaping around your commercial building and add a proper seating arrangement as well. You can also consider artificial landscaping solutions to establish a blooming yard around your complex. Artificial plants and trees are not only ideal for outdoors but are also suitable for interior landscaping as well. One of the major benefits of these is that they are maintenance free and just look exactly same as their real counterparts.

Add Comfortable and Efficient Furniture

While deciding on seating arrangement, it is also important to incorporate the most comfortable and relaxing furniture in your break area. Since you aim to offer utmost comfort and relaxation to your employees during their breaks, hence it is also important to choose the furniture wisely. You can add comfortable sofa, carpets or table and chair sets in the break area so that your employees can have a less formal time together.

Add a Blend of Inspiration

Along with offering relaxation, adding certain inspiring elements to the area is also a good idea. An inspiring environment that has proper natural lighting coming in along with energizing images and wallpapers can stimulate the tired minds of the employees effectively thus helping them to work with the same productivity for the rest of the day. Inspiration is the key to achieve improved results and thus get your workforce motivated to dedicate their best efforts.

Common Lunch Area Can Be Helpful

You can also incorporate a common lunch area in your commercial complex with adequate amount of seating so that your people can have lunch together and have a happy and cheerful informal meeting. This not only makes them relax for a while together but also increase a sense of collaboration and cooperation among them. These kinds of informal meetings most of the time prove fruitful for the organizations because they give rise to the development of innovative ideas and creative solutions. A sense of informality among the employees for a while encourages them to share their ideas freely without hesitation.

Give Engaging Colors to the Break Zone

If you have designed a relaxation zone for your employees indoors, it is a good idea to give exciting and engaging colors to the walls. Colors give a boost to the energy levels of the employees while also stimulating their creativity. You can mix and match the shade of the walls with the furniture you have placed there to make the area interesting and engaging. More the break time area will be interesting; more it will be helpful in encouraging your employees to regain their energy levels.

Add Adequate Lighting

Making the natural lighting accessible to the break zones can be helpful in making relaxation areas more creative and interesting. Natural lighting can dramatically enhance any space thus by adding a sense of natural beauty around. If it is not possible to make natural lighting come inside, artificial lightings with natural features can be added for enhanced environments. You can find endless options of lightings in the market to make a break area appealing.