How to Transform A Traditional Kitchen into A Modular Modern Version

Flowers‘The way to a man's heart is through his stomach.'

To fill the stomach of the man and his entire family takes up a lot of time and work on the part of the lady of the house, the multi-talented homemaker. Traditionally, not much importance was given to setting up the kitchen of the house.  But, times have changed. The homemaker may also be a working professional and has to manage her home and the office. Either way, it is only fair to give her the comfort of a modular kitchen which will assist her to cook delicious meals with a bouncy heart in a room which has all the modern facilities at hand.

What is a modular kitchen?

It's a kitchen which has all the modern accessories that a cook could ask for. Gadgets, cooking appliances, beautiful looks, and much more than that can be catered for.

Three key areas in the kitchen need to be critically looked at - cooking, preparation, storage. Transform your traditional kitchen into a modern one by upgrading, shifting, adding, deleting, and personalizing these areas.

Here is how you do it.

List your requirements

Begin by scouting around and making a wish list of all that you would require in your modular kitchen. Prioritize them as per your budget and utility. Match with the items already there in your traditional kitchen. Get the pricing. Make sure that you cater for safe and beautiful artificial plants too.

Plan the design and layout

Since a basic structure already exists in your traditional kitchen, you may not be able to do many structural breakages and changes. This is particularly true for apartments and may compromise the safety of the building. So, plan the design and layout of your new kitchen with this in mind. Add, cover, beautify.

Select a color scheme

There are certain colors and hues which look best in the kitchen. Go through the shade cards available online and offline, and select the colors that will look good. Choose something that would brighten up the room and also not make it look very dark and small.

Select low maintenance materials

Though there is a vast variety of accessories and materials available in the market today, be careful while selecting these. The materials should be easy to clean, ideally stain resistant, anti termite, waterproof, scratch resistant, and very low on maintenance. A little investment, in the beginning, saves a lot in the long run.

Personalize the storage

Have a variety of sizes and shapes of storage spaces to accommodate bottles, packets, boxes, etc. Fix hanging pots and pans to save space. Use trendy wall hooks for more storage. These look smart and can be beautified with some artificial flowers. Make storage as per your height and reach.

Fix modular accessories

Explore the world of a modular kitchen online and in the local stores near you. Look at magazines and websites to select tasteful, beautiful, and useful modular accessories to transform your traditional kitchen into a sleek, modern, and smart kitchen. Fix drawers with compartments for easy access; pull out shelves for convenient storage; smart switches for appliances; and laminates for the look and finish. Hobs and chimneys go together if you can get both. Place items of daily use in the upper shelves or drawers.

Make space for a larder or pantry.

Every modular kitchen needs a storehouse for the groceries and such supplies. Ideally, convert some open space in the traditional kitchen into a cupboard.  Add more shelves or slabs. Fix pull-out drawers. This would serve as a perfect larder or pantry.

Arrange for ventilation

Though the traditional kitchen would have space for fumes to go out and air to come in, a modular kitchen could have a good exhaust fan/chimney above the gas stove or hob for the fumes to go out. Cater to at least one large window with fly-proof wire mesh. Don't block natural light.

Look at the safety angle.

The kitchen has to be the safest in the house as it can trigger unfortunate accidents. Make sure that there is a fire extinguisher at a convenient place and is serviced from time to time. Fix adequate and bright lights, and ceiling lights will also do, especially near the preparation and cooking area. Don't use diffused or dim lighting. Place anti-skid tiles on the floor.

Don't have protruding or sharp corners, edges, drawers, cabinets, etc. These should be rounded and well tucked in. You often want to hang curtains in the windows of the kitchen, but the safety angle has to be looked into. Modular window blinds would be a safer bet than loose flowing curtains which could be a fire hazard as often windows are placed near the cooking areas.

Decorate the room

Bring in nature into the kitchen by placing some potted beautiful fake silk flower arrangements on a shelf and faux topiary in some corner. These are easy to maintain, low on cost, don't fade away, and importantly don't attract flies and mosquitoes in the kitchen. These fake indoor plants and fake flowers also blend very well with the artificial fruits and vegetables that can be hung in the kitchen. These fake plants are also safe, fire resistant, free of harmful chemicals, easy to wash, have smooth surfaces for glow, and long-lasting. And they look as good as real.

Make your personal space.

Since the woman in the house spends a lot of time here taking care of the food requirements of the family, the kitchen should have a personal space for her. Place a high chair to rest a while and relax; add some favorite magazine or book to read. You can even have a small speaker in the kitchen to listen to soft music while cooking. Place a small vase with some pretty artificial silk flowers to give you joy.

Go ahead and modularize your traditional kitchen with the best of accessories that you can afford in your budget. Give a sleek finish to the doors. Stick laminated panels/sheets for the modular look. Beautify it with artificial flowers and artificial trees that de-stress you. And make it a room where you no longer half-heartedly and dutifully go.