How to Use Smart Decor to Make Small Bedrooms Appear Larger?

How To Use Smart Decor To Make Small Bedrooms Appear LargerWith a boom in infrastructure development, more and more builders are constructing houses across the land. Small investors are looking for homes rather than living on rent. As a result, the size of the houses is reduced.  Smaller rooms restrict the openness one looks for in a house.

You can find ways and means to make small bedrooms appear larger. A creative combination of art and functionality can create a beautiful bedroom which looks larger than what it is. Read on to know how to use some smart décor for the same.


A darker color will always make the room look smaller. Pastel shades on the walls add openness to the room. Use shades of cream, blue, green, and white to make the bedroom look larger. Get some wholesale silk floral arrangements to add some brightness to the pastel walls. Give a darker color to the ceiling to add height. Alternately, you can give some bold pattern to the ceiling for the same effect.


Add depth to the room by giving a designer paint on one wall. Decorate it with some stencils and motifs of flowers, butterflies, birds, etc. Hand smaller size paintings and wall hangings so that the walls look larger then what they are. Decorate the walls with faux hanging plants and hanging silk plants. Paint the trim in the room in a slightly lighter shade than the walls. It adds depth.

Furniture and Storage

Beds occupy the main space in any bedroom. Instead of going in for large twin beds or king-size beds, opt for smaller queen size beds. Place the beds against the center of the longest wall. Have storage drawers under the beds so that you don’t need to place extra cabinets in the bedroom. You can even buy beds with a combination of built-in open shelves and some drawers on the headrest. This will save space by doing away with the need for bedside tables.

Place one or two artificial trees and plants on this. Try the option of using a sofa cum bed which needs to be opened out only at night. Buy beds whose legs can be seen and the floor is visible under them.

Make cupboards which fit inside the niches in the walls, rather than jutting out into the bedroom. Make storage lofts up to the ceiling. But, to make the room look larger, give a light paneling to the cupboards and lofts. Continue with the same coloring in the room. A dressing table should also be fitted into the wall rather than placing it separately. You can also fix just one full-length mirror on one panel of the cupboard or one part of the wall. Keep storage arrangements for cosmetics behind the mirror. Too many jutting out pieces of furniture eat up space.

Keep in mind some more tips. Use more of transparent furniture rather than an opaque one. It will give spaciousness to the room. Dark and opaque furniture makes the surrounding area look smaller. Further, use low height furniture like beds, cabinets, drawers, etc. Don’t place furniture at angles. Place longer items against long walls.


A room with diffused lighting will make the room look dingy and small. Fix bright lights in your bedroom. There are beautiful lampshades and wall lights available both online and offline. Avoid large chandeliers in the bedroom. Make do with a smaller one. Fix miniature reading lights with flexible necks on both sides of the bed. Smaller frames and light fittings don’t make the room look small. Make provision for a diffused night light for convenience. Allow natural sunlight to fill the room.


Similarly, smart fans are available in the market. These fans don’t have large blades, yet provide the same coolness to the room. Go in for a split air conditioner rather than a window attachment. Keep your windows free to allow maximum sunlight to come in. A cold room with plenty of ventilation also makes the room look big enough.

Clutter-Free Room

Though the bedroom is the most often used room in the house, you need to keep things to a minimum if you want it to look big. Remove all clutter from the room. Place only necessary items and belongings here. Place such stuff inside storage shelves, cupboards, and cabinets. Things lying around make your small room look even lower. Organize your possessions and your room well. Leave some space in the room.


Light pastel shades add brightness and largeness to a room. Spreadsheets and bed cover with small plural or other prints rather than bold and large ones. The patterns and designs on the curtains should also be small. Sheer curtains on the windows, if privacy allows, are the best bet for making your bedroom look large. Hang the curtains and drapes at a higher height than the windows. It makes the walls look taller.

Avoid placing rugs on the floor. Fix tiles with light colors. Mount all shelves to keep the floor clear. Don’t place too many accessories in the room or hang too many items on the walls. Fix a small size wall clock rather than a hanging one with a pendulum. Keep minimum pillows on the beds.

Place all Accessories either in the vertical alignment or the horizontal alignment. Don’t mix the two.

Nature in your Bedroom

A small amount of nature in your small bedroom can make it appear larger. One or two small artificial silk trees in the balcony overlooking your bedroom look lovely. Fix some hanging silk plants or faux hanging plants in one corner of the bedroom. You may even order some custom artificial trees to suit the size of your bedroom.

Some smart decors and some innovative placements of items can make your small bedroom appear more significant.  These changes can be done without hammering or altering the structure of the room.