Innovative Ways to Use the Forgotten Staircase Space in Your Home

BoxwoodLike all other spheres of our life the old saying ‘Waste not and want not' applies to home decor as well. While a staircase takes you up, it can also let you down if you do not make use of the space underneath. Of course, if you are a millionaire and have plenty of square feet to play with, you may have the luxury of keeping the space free. But for the common people living in the urban homes, the space under the staircase is of immense value.

Have you ever thought how much space is lying unused under the staircase? Probably not, because most of the times this is wasted. As a home is where your heart is, it is great to make every square foot of the home functional. In fact, the space under the staircase has immense possibilities. In case, you are looking for ways to utilize this space; you may try these creative options for making it aesthetically pleasing and functional.

1. Build your home office

If you work from home, the space under the staircase is the perfect place for your home office.  Include a custom desk; add a comfy chair; organize cables, and your office is ready. Use zonal lighting for creating a nice ambiance. Depending on the availability of space, you may also add drawers and shelves.

2. Make it a reading nook for the kids

Kids are always comfortable in cozy corners. The space under the stairs is ideal for creating an adorable reading nook for them. Add a bookshelf, a small desk, a chair or a comfortable couch with some lighting. The kids will love to settle down there with the storybooks. They would also love the place just for lazing around and for little naps.

3. Use it for decorative purpose

If you are lucky sufficient to have plenty of spaces for storage and shelving, there is no point in trying to jumble up the stairs. Alternatively, you can include some art and craft items or an aquarium to fill up space and create a nice focal point in the home.

4. Place the piano there

Because of the size and bulk of a piano, urban homeowners often struggle to find a suitable place for the instrument. The niche created by the staircase can be utilized for placing the piano. When decorated with trendy lights this adds depth and dimension to the home decor.

5. You can have a chest of drawers there

Building a chest of drawers under the staircase makes it functional.  Use these drawers for storing anything from shoe to souvenir there. You can also leave some space open for storing larger items. Build a door there. Just close the doors, and you will have a sleek staircase without hinting what is there within.

6. Make it a wine store

It is a challenge for the wine enthusiast to find a nice place for storing wine bottles in the home. You may consider utilizing the space under the staircase to turn into a nice wine cellar. Build a customized shelf with glass door to show off the wine bottles and add a fridge for transforming the space into a nice cellar.

7. Grace the place with green

Green is a source of attraction and appeal. Several studies conducted reveal that when people are near something green, they feel relaxed, and their moods also get uplifted. Adding green elements to the dull space under the stairs will enliven the ambiance of the home with their lush green effect. While adding natural greens to the area is an excellent idea, it has several associated hassles. The live plants need regular care to keep them healthy and shining. They have a lifecycle and need replacement when they die. So, if you do not have the time for their upkeep, it may not be the ideal option.

This is why faux greens make a thoughtful alternative. These have passed through many evolutions, and are available as mirror images of their live counter cousins and, as such, they do not hamper the aesthetics. Moreover, you can get the fake greens in a wide range of varieties including boxwood hedge, hedge bushes, boxwood topiary, artificial topiary trees, privacy hedges, artificial boxwood, etc. Being meticulously made of high-quality foliage and strong, colorfast pigment, they never fade and are better than natural. The fake plants do not have any sunlight requirement, and so, you will have no problem in using those under the staircase.

8. Install the TV unit

In case you are living in an urban home with space constraint, placing the TV unit under the staircase is a smart move. The size of the TV should match with the space available so that it does not look squeezed. This is great for solo viewing.

9. Create a makeup corner

If are low in floor area, the space under the staircase can be turned into a makeup corner. Add a drawer and a mirror there. It will make the alcove look bigger due to reflection and also increase illumination.

10. Make it a lounge

Converting the space under the staircase into a lounge is a simple, yet an effective solution for optimum space utilization. If the staircase happens to be in the front room, consider placing a sofa with pillows there. This will also change the look.

11. Build a hidden playhouse

A playroom is essential for families with kids. Paint it with nice pictures and cartoon characters and also fill up with toys. This will help create an adorable playhouse for the young children. Create a door for giving them an exclusive retreat, and they would love it.

12. Convert it into a doghouse

You can convert the space under the stairs to a spot for the family pets, especially the dogs. Have matching railings, and just add two bowls for food and water, and a dog bed there to make it a stylish pet space. The doggies will love the space as they will be with the family.