Interior Design and Décor Trends for the Summer

Interior Design And Decor Trends For The SummerIt’s time to open the windows and soak up all the sunshine as the days turn warmer, brighter and longer. Summer is all about color and fun, from food to fashion and even home décor- the summer vibe has spread everywhere. And what’s our favorite thing to do when the silver white winters melt into spring- redecorating the house of course! Bid goodbye to the dark and dingy patterns in your room, it’s time to lighten things up. Here are some home décor ideas trending this summer that you might want to apply to your living space.

Capture the Summer Vibe

The chilly winter winds are replaced by a warm breeze; nature is waking up from her deep slumber, flowers are blooming, bees are buzzing- you get the picture- summer is here. Gelato colors are so “fetch” this summer. Choosing the right shade can be as confusing as picking your favorite ice-cream flavor (geddit?). How about mixing and matching a bit of all your favorite colors? Ombre patterns are everywhere from fabrics to cushions, rugs to bedding and even wall paint. Vibrant color popping accessories are also trending this season, sunny yellow, magenta, sky blue, bright orange are some of the colors you can add to your living room to recreate the perfect summer vibe.

The Right Furnishing

The proper furnishings can make all the difference to your house. Millennial homemakers prefer minimalistic designs. Get rid of all the junk and useless items from the room, keep your room spacious, light and airy. A beautiful, organized living space automatically uplifts your mood and makes you optimistic and productive. This summer aims for an exotic, tropical look with artificial palm trees, fake trees, silk orchids and the like. Choose your furniture depending on the size and scale of the rooms. Artificial landscaping pieces are effortlessly available, reasonably priced and pretty durable. Fake plants, in particular, are easy to move around and arrange in any way you want.

Go Green

If you must have a green thumb and want an eco-friendly space, then a few creepers and potted plants around the house doesn’t seem like a bad idea. However, the foliage of houseplants takes up a lot of your time and effort. On the contrary, faux plants and silk floral arrangements are cheap, realistic and require almost no maintenance. Unlike real plants, the fake ones do not need to be watered and taken care of. Place them in a strategic position inside or outside the home, dust them every once a while and you’re set.

About Accent Wallpapers

The wallpaper adds character to the room; it can make or break the décor of any living space. It is, therefore, imperative that you don’t mess it up. Significant bold patterns, floral designs, leaves, creepers, light colors are trending this summer. However, on the downside, wallpapers are a permanent fixture. We recommend you use the peel and stick wallpaper that can be easily removed without having to employ a whole army of workers in your living room. Ensure that the wallpaper is compatible with the furnishings of the room and serves to enhance its inherent ambiance.

The Right Geometry

Geometric patterns and shapes have something incredibly relaxing and comforting about them. Looking at concentric circles, squares or rectangles immediately puts the mind at ease. And what’s more, these patterns are now found everywhere- from fashion to product packaging and even home décor. Adding some geometric accents to your living space makes your rooms look more organized and structured. You can also add some quirky geometric sculptures and home décor pieces to give your living room that extra edge and oomph. Geometric patterned tiles, wallpaper, cushions, and rugs create a striking effect in sharp contrast to the domesticity and warmth of your house.

Add Some Bling

Dramatic set pieces and blingy furnishings only serve to add on to the appeal of your rooms. The metallic trend has been around for any time now. It started with metallic shades in the paint and soon permeated to metal structures, tables, and chairs. Bronze, silver, copper, gold, and rust are some of the more prominent and popular shades preferred by homemakers. You can make your digressions from these traditional choices, provided you have the right furnishings to balance out the quirkiness of the bling. Green tinted glass frames, copper vases, statues, gold knobs are savvy and stylish, to say the least- a sophisticated yet understated addition to your décor.

Keep It Low-Key

Avoid cramming your space with furniture and pieces- you’re decorating your home and not a gallery or museum. And if you happen to live in a hot-temperate climate, we would suggest you use lighter tones like blue, white and green both inside and outside your home to keep the temperature in check. Artificial palm fronds, fake hedges and outdoor artificial plants might be a smart addition to capture the summery vibe.

Don’t Overdo It

Summers are fun times indeed but do not get carried away with the warm breeze. Too much of a good thing can turn out to be quite disastrous if you don’t know when to stop. The trick to finding the delicate balance between aesthetically pretty and pretty obscene. Sometimes a mesh of colors and bright furnishings can border on being vulgar and exaggerated. For instance, if you’re keeping a blingy decoration in the room like a copper vase, balance it out with a muted background or furniture. 

The Bottom Line

Itching to change those shabby curtains and packing the heavy mattresses away for good? Refresh your living space with lighter furniture and warmer tones. And for everyone who avoids renovating their home because it costs a fortune, we only have one thing to say- oh my sweet summer child. You know nothing! These home décor ideas are cheap AF and easy to implement. Why spend a fortune hiring a team of interior designers when you can DIY right?