Keep Them Clean, Keep Them Shimmering

Keep Them Clean, Keep Them ShimmeringWhat makes anything going great for years, be it a live element or a dead being? Well, preservation and little maintenance do. Look at all the surrounding objects, they look all good shimmery for a reason, and that is because some kind of cleaning and dusting has been done. Same way, even your decorative elements in the house right from roof hangings to a cushion cover, the carpet or a table top and to match it all your silk flower arrangements as well can be kept beautiful with some simple techniques.

The reason most of us these days prefer silk flowers are because they are extremely low on maintenance. They are far from the requirement of fertilizers, water and a dose of sunlight in just the right amount.

However, silk flowers still need your attention once in a while, when they become dusty, dull and look lackluster. Today, there are various methods used to clean dusty flowers, each method has its advantages and disadvantages. Also, there is no singular technique which works with all types of artificial foliage, silk flowers and also artificial trees, on that every type of dust is different.

We present to you a few techniques that will keep your fire retardant artificial trees, plants and flowers clean and shimmering.

The Wet Technique: In its most basic sense, this practice involves the use of a damp cloth to wipe away dust from tour decorative elements. Remember that the cloth must be lint-free and soft to ensure it doesn’t harm the silk flower in any way.

Use gentle strokes along the flower's length and breadth, while avoiding the use of excessive pressure. For indoor artificial trees and flowers keep the cloth a little less wet, since they are not exposed to sunlight and also they are not capable of enduring too much dampness.

The Dry Technique: Simple and sober, dry techniques suggests you to simply blow drying or feather dusting your silk flower arrangement to remove light dust particles that accumulates over it.

Hair dryers can be effective equipment. Set it on a low speed and blow periodically from over and under the stems, leaves, flowers and the trunk of the plant. This method works well as a uniform stream of air blows away most, if not all the dust particles. Once done, even a period of weeks is okay, until and unless you’re really busy. But keep in mind that this method is most effective when done once a week or so.

The Chemical Treatment: If you are not satisfied with the dry and wet technique, go for some chemical treatment for your silk flowers and artificial trees. There are many online suppliers who sell such janitorial supplies which have special ingredients that dissolve the dust on a silk flower immediately after spraying. Such chemicals work best with the stubborn dust particles that refuse to be dusted or wiped away. Use it periodically, to make your plant look new and fresh.

Remember as the plants sold at ThermaLeaf are impregnated special chemicals to protect them from UV rays and are fire retardant artificial bushes that are flame protected, so, use only those cleaning chemicals that are not harsh on the outer texture of the arrangement and the inner section as well. With some homely techniques and safe experimenting, the most charming decorative element of your house can certainly charm you for some more years to come.