Landscaping Can Elevate the Market Value of Your Commercial Building - Here's How

Landscape Design For Office Building Jpg Format 300w Landscaping 5aeeca0234e73There are many things that a real estate developer can do inside a building to increase its value but when it comes to outdoor the only thing that can be done is to improve the landscaping. Adding improvements or landscaping on a plot could not only augment the appearance of a property but also add value or make selling a commercial building quickly. Keep in mind that a professionally prepared, designed, maintained and installed landscape using quality plant material is not just a work of art, but it is also a great investment. When it comes to property value, buyers usually judge it by the way it looks. In case a property appears untidy, obsolete, dangerous or inconvenient, the amount is going to decrease. On the other hand, a property which is well-maintained and features attractive amenities will undoubtedly increase the value of the commercial capital. Mentioned below are some of how you can improve the market value of the commercial building.

Upgrade Signage to enhance look and Wayfinding

Weather can take a toll on premium quality signage as well, and styles advance over time. The contemporary signage which can be read easily all through the day is an advantage as it directs people to the commercial space. Entry signage can be enhanced with a mix of plant sizes and textures. However, it is essential to keep in mind that signage should not only look updated and attractive, but it must also be functional so people can find their way on to the property. It is essential to check the existing signage and determine if additional directional signs are needed to enhance the guest experience.

Add artificial plants and trees

Grown-up landscaping can surpass spaces, and this can lead to untidy looking bed and ambiance. At times, the best way to docile a foundation is to begin from scratch especially if the existing plants are consuming costly maintenance, time and resources. Overgrown hedges, litter, and patchy grass make even the best facilities look bad. To avoid this, and maximize the property’s value, consider improvements to the building’s exterior and ensure it is well maintained. To get rid of all these issues, the best option that is available is to invest in artificial topiary outdoor, faux outdoor plants and trees, fake patio plants and outdoor artificial trees. By planting all these fake plants, one does not need to water them, trim them or take care of them.

Include outdoor seating

Outdoor seating is an advantage for businesses. Seating in the landscape enables employees to take breaks to revive and re-boost as this enhances mood, productivity, and morale. These outdoor seating areas can be utilized for entertaining, meetings as well as for other purposes.

Create a sloped entrance

Creating a sloped entry will help cover parking lots and buildings behind the entrance, which will help enhance the curb appeal and perk up the overall aesthetic. Low-maintenance grass can be planted on the slope for lush green effect, while rocks and pebbles will help control erosion and create a more natural hill look.

Include Water Features

A proficiently designed exterior can improve a customer’s feeling of your business. This can be accomplished in several ways; whether you add water features such as a waterfall or a lot of lush greenery with plants, these additions can pretty much Improve business. When customers are put in a confident frame of mind through several things such as relaxing water, those activities can have a positive impact on the rest of their client experience including their buying behavior.

Opt for a landscape design which can reflect the brand message of the company

A brand’s message is essential. It talks about who you are as a business and what you stand for, which is eventually what customers connect with. Whatever the brand message is, landscaping can enhance that message. If the company offers eco-friendly products with a strong environmental message, make that apparent from the moment customers walk into the place of business by incorporating live greenery and natural stone into your design.

Focus on safety and lighting

Examine the surfaces of the property. Do you see rough surfaces that could cause customers to trip and fall? Roots of mature trees will rise through most of these surfaces. They will drive up pavers and concrete and may cause clasping at footway joints. Also, whether naturally takes a toll on even the sturdiest surfaces. Asphalt can crack, pavers can settle, concrete can haul. Addressing these trip and fall risks should be a priority so you can make sure the safety of people who visit your commercial property.

And when speaking about safety, it is essential to make sure that the parking lots, walkways, entrances and other vehicular and pedestrian passages are well lit at night. Lighting can help to improve safety, enhance appearance and can draw the attention of more people to your property.


So, it can be assumed by stating that investing in landscape projects such as lighting, seating, and plants can boost property value, invite more guests, boost tenant occupancy rates, and improve the experience people have on the property. Make sure to allocate some budget dollars for improvements or else, landscape maintenance needs will take up your attention, and these projects could get delayed. You can also seek assistance from a commercial landscape professional who can offer design ideas and recommend where you will get the most return on investment. It is best to deal with these projects before summer comes in, and everyone wants to be out enjoying the landscape. Take some time to check out the commercial landscape professional’s past work to see how their landscape designs have held up over time. When hiring any landscape professional, ensure they are insured and licensed especially if you do not want to fall into any liability issues. So, if you're going to elevate the market value of your commercial property, think of improving its landscape.