Lend a Sense of Spaciousness to Your Living Area with These Decor Tips

Lend A Sense Of Spaciousness To Your Living Area With These Decor TipsIf you cannot accommodate a large sofa in the living area, you are not alone. Most of the apartment dwellers are facing such issues. There is no point in getting frustrated. Better look at this problem as a creative décor challenge. Here are some inspiring ideas to render a spacious feeling to your small living area.

1. Forget the door

Maybe you have a small living area. Opening up the door helps to make it a flowing space. If possible, demolish the partition wall that separates it from other regions. Otherwise, widen the door and extend it up to the ceiling.

Thus, your living space will blend with the adjacent room in the house. It will ensure smooth movement and render a feeling of spaciousness.

2. Get small furniture

Often we make a small living area cluttered with large furniture. Although these look good, they are not meant for small spaces. Better have the right size of furniture that goes well with your available space.

Even if you use a big sofa, balance it with small furniture. When you blend different sizes of furniture, they deliver an airy feeling. Thus, you get a spacious feeling in the living room.

3. Use furniture with hidden storage

The small living areas suffer from space crunches. As such, built-in storage solutions are ideal for small living rooms. For instance, you can customize the sofa with hidden storage. This can be quickly done with a sliding drawer.

Doubling up the sofa as a bed is also a great option. You may also try using an old trunk as a coffee table. Investing in multi-functional furniture minimizes wastage of space and makes the area roomy.

4. Think vertically

As small living areas do not allow much flexibility horizontally, you should go vertical. You can have patterned floating shelves. These are ideal for many purposes like stashing the blankets. It also offers excellent accommodation for your media unit. Or, you can also use these to display the collectibles.

You can also hang artworks on the wall for shifting the attention. This will also lend you a spacious feeling.

5.  Expand with a mirror

A mirror can do many more things than you can imagine. It bounces light off from all sources and makes the area bright. When you install a mirror cleverly, it delivers an illusion of more space. For a small living area, you can use a mirror behind the sofa. This will make you feel the area doubly more significant.

You can also use the mirror for reflecting a window. Viewing the outside world will impart a roomy feeling.

6. Fill the corner

Do not leave the corner blank. Fill it up with customized sitting arrangements for gaining more floor space. Including an oversized lampshade in the corner also expands the living area. You can also turn an awkward corner into a library by creating corner shelves.

7.  Use design elements to create a focal point

Use something visually interesting to create a beautiful focal point in the living area. It could be anything from a feature element of the room to an art piece. You can also use a mural for this.

Highlight these nicely. This will invigorate the area, and the eyes will immediately be drawn to this. There will be less emphasis on the size of the room, and it will appear spacious.

8. Play with paints

Strategic painting can make a small room look bigger. When the walls are painted with a light color, it becomes bright and reflects more light. This fools the eyes and makes the room feel airy and spacious. On the other hand, the dark colors absorb light and make a room smaller.

Paint the living area with soft shades. Off-white, blue and green deliver outstanding results. Also, paint the wall trims and molding in lighter shades than the wall. This will make the walls appear further back and impart a spacious feeling.

Do not forget to coat the fifth wall. Paint the ceiling in lighter shades than the walls. This will make it appear moved up and induce a spacious feeling.

9. Lighting can open up the area

Brighter rooms look more airy and spacious. So, harvest maximum natural light in the daytime. Keep the windows open to bring in the sunlight. This will also connect your living area with the outside world. It will create a nice flow of space and make it look bigger.

In case this is not possible, brighten up the place with artificial lights. Add right light fixture that mimics the natural light. Install recessed lighting in the ceiling to illuminate the room. They should be installed in all corners of the ceiling to remove shadows. This will not consume any floor space but have the same effect. Use mirrors to enhance the brightness further.

10. Open up with greeneries

Bringing in live plants in the living area can instantly change the ambiance. But, embracing with live plants has many maintenance hassles. If you are not a green thumb, these are sure to decay and die. This makes the artificial trees and plants the best alternative.

The artificial silk trees are available in many customized varieties. You may choose anything from trees, plants, topiaries, palms, and foliage. Made from high-quality raw material these bring in the elegance and freshness of the natural plants.

Use fake tropical plants, if you like, to introduce an oasis feeling in the living area. Fill up a blank corner with this, and they will enliven the place beautifully. Being fire retardant, these will deliver you a safe environment.

If you like, you can also include artificial topiary in the living area. Placing them on the side table or near the windows will make the space glam.


Although economical, making a small living area stylish and comfortable is quite challenging. It is tough to decide what to start with. These décor trips show how you can make use of the space most. Try this for revamping your living area.