Let the Artificial Trees do All the Talking

fire retardant artificial treesThe success of any type of commercial enterprise depends on two things, one is the way in which you conduct your daily business and the second is the ambiance you create in and around your surroundings that oozes vibrancy and warmth. Today, a commercial outlet is not just four walls jam-packed with chairs and tables, but it goes beyond that. The interiors and exteriors of your business hold the same importance, as the business you deal with.

ThermaLeaf® is a world renowned brand which has completed artificial silk plant and tree projects all-round the United States and worldwide in a variety of commercial settings that including hotels, casinos, restaurants, malls, offices, retail spaces, museums and also for the government organization. With a long list of fake greenery available, you can select any of our listed products such as artificial plants, trees, foliage, topiary plants, palm trees, planters and floral arrangements. These are best suited for both indoor and outdoor commercial landscaping projects.

Healthcare & Senior Living Facilities

Healthcare and senior living facilities are those important places which can greatly benefit from the use of artificial plants and trees. Since real plants, trees and flowers carry harmful bacteria and insects that can harm declining immune systems, their artificial counterparts can provide a simple, sober, safe and authentic looking alternative. Due to low maintenance and high durability to withstand any type of weather many hospitals, medical facilities, and healthcare centers implement artificial plants and trees solutions that meets their interior design and health safety goal.

Tropical Casino Interiors

Casinos are those extravagant places that need some tropical theme in order to make the guests feel in another world, while they are engrossed in their activity. Creating themes for casinos using artificial plants and trees is an old tradition, especially when it comes to tropical themes. But, as the size of casinos increased, casino design has evolved and artificial plant designs to suit them have also improved. The applications of artificial plants in casinos have transcended into tropical themes made out of artificial green walls, outdoor artificial hedges, custom artificial topiary trees, preserved palm trees and much more.

Shopping Mall makes the best use

No other place can benefit the most from artificial greenery other than a mall. Artificial plants and trees are used in retail shopping malls to compliment the surroundings and welcome customers. The most common places are food courts and halls, where large artificial trees can be used in tandem with real greenery. Remember that coalescing live and artificial plants provides the natural benefits of live plants, while lowering monthly maintenance through silk plants. All this, while preserving an authentic and decorative look and feel of your commercial outlet.

Hotel, Restaurants & Resort

The most trending and abundantly used decorative accessory in any hotel, restaurant and resort today has to be fire retardant artificial trees and plants. The use of faux greenery for hotel interiors continues to grow in popularity. While some hotels use artificial plants in combination with live plants, still a large number of hotels prefer being entirely designed with fake landscapes. And since, hotels are considered assembly occupancies by state fire code the use of fire retardant artificial plants are normally required and mostly used.