Make the most of Spring: Incoporate Artificial Foliage

fire retardant artificial foliage
fire retardant artificial foliage

Now that the spring season is at its peak, most of you must have enjoyed the warmth of bright sunshine and greenery all around. You must be also glad to know that this is also the season to decorate and design things in and around your place. This means to revamp your interiors and get yourself equipped with some trending decorative accessories.

Your home is the place to relax yourself and feel easy, whereas office is the place where nowadays, you spend more time than your home. So, while you spend most of your time at these two places, why not make them or renovate them with some greenery of artificial plants and flowers. Well, for one having them around will, not only make you feel better, but it will also be a pleasant site for the people who come to meet you there.

The use of artificial plants has been there for ages, but earlier people were reluctant to use them, due to ‘tacky’ tag attached to the accessory. This was also true, as the manufacturing and designing techniques were not highly developed as they are today, or from the last decade. Due to evolution in technology silk plants have also evolved and material used in the making is durable, stable, protected, light weight and fire retardant.

Not only indoors, but outdoor landscaping with artificial plants is also very popular, especially among corporate establishments. Landscape designers are heavily promoting the use of artificial trees and plants in their designs as well, and explaining clients the benefits of using them. 

Before you decide to have some of this artificial foliage to deck up your place, indoors or outdoors, there some points you need to know. Let’s have a look.    

  • Always keep an eye open for the construction of the plant. Check every detail and look for designs and cuts, and compare if they were same as shown on the website. Checking out the fine details, lessens the hassles after paying for it, and not getting good service in return. 
  • Quality check is a must. Now this should not be told, but many of you miss on the fine details. Remember that the cost, size, color, quality and realism level of the leaves, stems or trunks also have significance. A quality plant will be true to nature's colors, not too flashy and not too strong, a perfect replica.
  • Color combination and the use of colors is the most important aspect to look into while choosing an artificial plant.  Make sure the leaves, stems, foliage is UV rays protected and don’t fade from one color to another. This can make the look of the plants flat, and dull.
  • Design is what attracts a lot of eyeballs. The design should be pleasing, be it simple  silk flower topiary or a 12’ artificial palm tree, a replica image is what you need to look out for. Also, the look should not change with turning the angles of the plants; this can instantly get back the ‘tacky’ tag attached to it. Keep in mind shape of the plants be it real or fake, must be unique. Turn the plant around to inspect it from all sides.
  • As with humans, even with fake plants and trees, size does matter. You don’t want your beautiful Hydrangeas centerpiece, to look bigger than your table. Get only those accessories that fit in perfectly in your desired space. 

The above mentioned factors determine the value of the fire retardant artificial plants, quality and durability. Don't choose your plants based on the cost of product, look for quality. It won’t hamper you, to spend a few more bucks on investment that will last longer than your lifetime.