Make Your Bathroom Come to Life with These Tips

Make Your Bathroom Come To Life With These Tips.1A nicely finished and decorated bathroom the awe of the neighborhood. It adds more worth to your house than you think. Is your looking to sell your home, bear in mind, the kitchen and the bathrooms are the two essential places the buyer will visit to bargain for a value.

A well decorated and lively bathroom can boost your spirits and enliven your mood from the get-go. It will be your only paradise to unwind, relax and rejuvenate. The concept of a bathroom has metamorphosed over time. Today, equal or more importance is laid on its planning and decor. You may be surprised to know, celebrity bathrooms also have cushy seating in them like an ottoman or a sofa chair. Many larger bathrooms come with a ‘his’ and ‘her’ sink with vanity shelves. Whatever may be the size to work with, there is undoubtedly scope of glamorizing your bathroom. Are you in the method of recovering or adding a new bathroom? Then, you are in the right place.

We have shared a few inspiring tips, that you can use to make your bathrooms relaxing and come alive.

Fun in the wild

Transform your bathroom space into a tranquil garden. Use greenery and elements of nature as accents for a bold display. An excellent place to start is by adding silk ferns by the window. Real plants are not always easy to take care of. You can go for a more sensible option by adding an artificial tree. Some of the fake plants are as close to natural as can get. The best part of all is, they are portable yet, durable, durable, waterproof and weather resistant. Artificial plants are easy to move around and come in several colors and shades from luscious silk purple tulips to warm autumn hues on artificial tree branches with leaves. They are also available in various arrangements like boxwood topiaries and elegant tropical silk flower arrangements. Silk plants can instantly add color and enliven the place. You can never go wrong with nature. Imagine taking a refreshing shower amidst flowers and creeping ivies.


Who doesn’t like elegance? A cultured society strives to incorporate beauty in every aspect of display and showmanship. Bring in that elegance with pastel colored wallpaper with a hint of gold. Add a marble or granite countertop with light brass scones to pull in the elegant Victorian effect.

Get bold with geometrical designs

Adding a wallpaper with bold geometric designs makes the place come alive and jump out. Select a wallpaper with deliberate big geometric prints. Be sure not to install them on all four walls, or it could end up looking like a crazy maze. Use bold patterns on one side of the bathroom wall. Be sure to cover every piece of wall and wood including the closet, racks, and shelves on that side.

White paradise

Whites have the effect of opening up spaces. They look pristine and angelic. Many people are of the impression that whites are difficult and blacks are easy to maintain. Trust me; it’s the other way around. If you’ve had black walls in your bathroom or owned a black car, you’d know what we’re talking about. White linens, drapes, and towels are a breeze to maintain. Just soak them in water with bleach and let the machine do the rest for you. To decorate in white, pull whites together with everything in your bathroom. Paint your walls white, add a white tub, and white enamel coated fixtures. Add a large mirror with a white frame, white towels, and even white decorative flowers. Wouldn’t it feel like paradise being in there?

Frosted or colored glass doors

Another funky way to add jazz to your bathroom is to use colored glass or frosted glass. Stained glass can be pricey. If you see something a less expensive, you could go for the regular 8mm glass sandblasted door or paint it with your favorite colored oil paint. The color will show amazingly well from the other side.

Contrast grouting

Another inexpensive but effective styling element to the bathroom décor is highlighting the walls and floor tiles with stained grouting to contrast with the color of the tiles. Say you have white tiles, you to go for black or dark brown grouting.

Less is more

Sometimes, minimalism is priceless. Keep it clean and clutter free. Mind you this style has to be deliberate. When we say keep it less doesn't mean keep less. It means hide more and display less. Everything must be tucked in wall mounted shelves and self-colored closets. This creates an illusion of running space which is striking and comes alive.

Wall art

Let your wall come alive with bold art and images of self-expression. Hang up elegantly framed motivating proverbs or funny quotes. Add pictures of wildlife, like colorful birds. Hang up views of the riverside or the beach.

Modern mate

Modern decor has its charm and an added advantage too. Current fixtures are more accessible to install since most plumbing lines, and rough-ins are installed for modern appliances today. Going for antiques though can have their charm, they can also be challenging to establish. The contemporary decor offers a plethora of options especially with designer showers, faucets, pedestal sinks, and even a multi-shower system. Modern decor is straight, spiffy and has no curves. It exudes a no-nonsense attitude. That does not mean you stay away from accessories. Decorate your modern bathroom with ceramic pots, silk ferns, and bold lighting, and picture frames to give a dash of elegance with style. It won’t hurt to add a colorful potpourri or lovely silk floral arrangements to thrown in a little color.

Deliberate repetition is what makes a place come alive. Go bold. If you are a lover of planes, make it a point to deliberately add as many framed pictures or plane artifacts to give the message. These tips can not only be used to animate a bathroom, but they can also add a punch to any room.