Make your Décor More Convincing: Using Artificial Plants

fire retardant artificial treesNothing is more soothing that getting yourself surrounded by some mesmerizing greenery that keeps you happy and fresh all day long. Artificial plants and trees just do the same thing for you and that too with minimum fuss, which is generally attached to real plants. Today, many homes and offices are observing the call of a green earth and are looking to reduce their carbon footprints. In such a scenario, using charming and elegant artificial flowers, plants and trees, is not a bad option at all as many prefer artificial decorative accessories than the natural ones. Due to numerous benefits, there is a growing popularity for faux plants in homes and offices alike.

Cost Effective and Value for Money

An artificial flower is one decorative accessory which is liked very much by today’s designers. Nowadays, people prefer artificial flower arrangements over shag carpeting, pea green armchairs or the wood paneling. Remember that skillfully chosen silk flowers can positively impact your modern office and also won’t cost you a fortune, a perfect business investment. For small businesses also, it can impact a client’s perspective for them when they enter a nicely decked up office.    

Your business can express itself in a more promising way, if you consider using these fake beauties to add the much required dash of vibrancy in your commercial outlet. This can also be perceived as a positive sign, from people and clients whom you deal with on a regular basis.   

It’s an Addition Not a Distraction

Involving silk flowers and plants in your workplace does no harm at all. In fact, recent studies have shown that when vivid colors are used throughout a commercial building, it shows a drop in the office productivity and also generates overall negativity in office staff as well as customers. Whereas, incorporating artificial foliage with perfect color tone adds up a positive vibrancy and for a long time has been determined to increase office productivity. At ThermaLeaf you have the choice to pick from numerous varieties of artificial topiaries, palm trees, artificial grass and hanging bush and much more. 

Change your designs according to the seasons

The freedom of creative design is immense when you use artificial plants to revamp your surroundings. There are no limits to creating themes and color combination at your workplace, and this is where artificial decorative accessory such as silk plants plays a vital role. Keep in mind that no one color or combination of artificial flowers or design is perfect for everyone. Each office has its own taste, atmosphere and is unique; however, experimenting with varied color combinations in your overall office design can make your commercial property stand out from the rest.   

If you are bored at looking at the same plant each and every day, you have the option to change and chop your setting whenever you want via artificial plants. Lightweight and durable, what more can you ask from this charming accessory. 

Fire Retardant Artificial Plants and Trees

Considering the rising issues surrounding decorative accessories, we at ThermaLeaf only sell fire retardant artificial plants and trees that comply with all the fire safety guidelines of various parameters. Understanding the fire code requirements for flame retardant artificial plants and artificial trees can be confusing and challenging as well. In order to prevent that we take all the information regarding the residence address or commercial address and only then make and design plants that comply with those state guidelines.  Remember that most fire retardant plants available are plants made using inherently fire retardant foliage, where fire retardant chemicals are impregnated into the leaves and branches during the injection molding process, thus giving you a safe decorative accessory to be used indoors and outdoes alike.