Make Your Hospital Waiting Rooms More Hospitable and Stress-Free with Faux Plants

PlantHospital waiting lounges are not the place people expect to visit often. It's among those areas that should be more relaxing and hospitable as much as possible to create the relaxing environment people need. Creating a relaxing landscape at hospital waiting lounges makes staying more comfortable, and some beautiful landscapes can also help the mood to freshen up.

Usually, hospital waiting lounges bring up the image of tensed scenery with the relatives of the patient waiting anxiously with hopes for a fast recovery. Adding some exciting features will create amazing landscapes and a soothing atmosphere to release the stress.

Pacifying landscapes

If you are looking to bring stress atmosphere and a pacifying environment, nothing beats some rich greenery with some creative ideas. Having greenery also attracts the attention and helps calm things down. But if you are planning to add a plant or some real greenery, it will mess things up as it will surely attract some insects or pests and that will harm the sterile environment inside the hospital. The daily watering and maintenance also create a lot of hassle.

Due to these factors, the latest trends in landscaping involve the use of specially designed faux greenery at commercial places that will give vibrant landscapes to give the desired relaxing atmosphere.

What is faux greenery?

To avoid the problems and hassle caused by real plants in the landscape, artificial plants are designed using the latest technologies which will exactly resemble the actual plants and give stunning landscapes. They are smart and beautiful giving the desired impact on any landscape. The enormous advantage is that they are designed for landscaping purposes and goes best with commercial landscapes. Let's see some of the benefits of using the artificial greenery in professional landscapes.

Advantages of faux greenery

  • The desired impact on the landscape- if you are looking for custom made décor for your landscape; the faux greenery is all you need for a relaxing landscape at hospital lounges.
  • No hassle- everyone wants a hassle-free makeover, and the faux greenery is perfect for a zero maintenance landscape suitable for commercial places and especially hospital lounges.
  • Unique décor- the unbeatable beatification by the faux trees makes it essential for any extraordinary landscape. The beautiful items will give the uniqueness to your landscape.
  • Durable landscapes- the faux greenery as a long durability which makes it ideal. You will get the best return on your investment with faux greenery.
  • Safety- being designed using the latest technology, the silk greenery comes with an important safety feature, fire retardant nature.

During their manufacture, the artificial plants and trees are impregnated with particular fire retardant chemicals which make them safe and ideal for places like hospitals where safety is a top priority. It's done due to the increased fire accidents at commercial locations where landscaping items like Christmas trees and other cheap products help in the spreading of fire.

Indoor landscaping at hospital waiting lounges

Hospital waiting lounge interiors need a complete makeover from tensed, stressed up an environment to calm, relaxing atmosphere with refreshing greenery. Creating a centerpiece landscape with silk plants and foliage is an excellent idea as it will be attention seeking and alluring also. Picking the silk version of your favorite colorful flower with a designer vase for setting up on the table will do it, or you may add some colorful faux plants and trees in the landscape to cheer things up.

The faux fall trees will serve the purpose.

A small hanging basket with beautiful faux plants or garlands will be great, but if you want some impact on the landscape, you may change one dull looking all at the waiting lounge into a green, lively one with the artificial boxwood mat and set up the TV or some other item to attract the attention. The visitors will be busy cherishing the brilliant landscape, and it will also act as a stress reliever.

Outdoor landscaping at hospital waiting lounges

Though the visitors will wait indoors at waiting lounges, you may add some additional beauty to the outdoors. Adding some faux greenery is the solution to a stunning outdoor landscape as well. The wide range of faux tropical trees is ideal for the impact in the landscape as they will bring the fresh tropical vibes and distract the visitors from their existing tense and stressful situation. Other outdoor trees like the artificial pine, bamboo, fall trees, large trees, etc. make stunning landscapes. You may go for customized trees for exact impact.

Apart from the faux trees, you can check the full range of stunning faux plants which look better than the real plants. The fresh look is better than the real plants as it will remain fresh round the clock without any maintenance while in real plants, you need to water daily to stop them from wilting. The faux greenery comes with loads of designer planters and bases for the beautiful décor. You can pick the ideal one suiting your landscape. Covering any wall surface outside the waiting lounge with faux moss will not be a bad idea.

Unleash your creativity

Probably the best part about landscaping with faux greenery is the freedom to unleash your creativity. Apart from sticking to some pre-defined rules, you can let your creativity do the talking as the unique landscaping items can give stunning results in endless combinations. You can use new ideas; involve more creativity to create the desired landscape. Just remember some rules like make sure there is adequate light in the lounge for the visitors have a nice view of the landscaping décor and make sure to set them up at focal points that people will easily spot them.

Other places to use them

Apart from hospital waiting lounges, the artificial greenery is widely used in professional landscaping at these locations:

  • Hotels and restaurants.
  • Shopping malls.
  • Bars and casinos.
  • Amusement parks.
  • Corporate offices.

They are ideal for almost all commercial locations.