Make Your Windows More Appealing

fire retardant artificial flowersWindows are that refreshing part of your home, which lets the natural light, air and sound enter your living area. But it's also the part of your home that gets neglected most of the times, and no one really recognizes the depth at which you can make this small, large or the huge windows look extremely appealing by the use of artificial plants and flowers.

The amazing part is, more often than not when we think of revamping the look of our home, we literally think only about the indoors and outdoors, the connecting part, which are the windows are left at their mercy to shine up.

So, the moot question that stands here is how to embellish those ventilation areas of your home with the use of artificial foliage of silk plant designs?

Use the ever appealing window boxes

Having window boxes gives you the leverage to back your floral designs with some artistic borders. Beautiful gardens in a miniature size, is what could very aptly describe the window boxes. It doesn’t matter if you are less on time, money, or energy, to maintain these large, opulent borders, you can easily enjoy colorful flowers and artificial foliage in planters, which are small enough to clean or change in five minutes and a striking accessory to give your house a new look.

To express the appealing factor of your windows, first you need to get the idea as to how will your artificial plants appear from the outside. Have a good view of your home being a spectator from the outside. This will set the ball rolling, and slowly but surely ideas will pop-up in your mind.

A Sumptuous display

Using window box displays you can recreate some amazing designs with the long list of fire retardant artificial plants and flowers that we have. A sumptuous display of artificial outdoor hanging azalea bushes matched with some artificial grass can create magical windows.

Color combination and fine detailing also plays an important part as to how your window looks. A combination of pink and crème azalea bushes and some assorted grass is the perfect mixture of colors and textures that will prevent you from very loud decor setting.

First Story Windows & Second Story windows

The most amazing thing that a fake plant provides you is the numerous varieties you can take home. Plus, for each section of your house, you can have a specially dedicated plant that suits the surroundings. Same goes with window decorating accessory to be used, if your window is on the first story or the second one.

To keep your home’s exterior from looking too loud and bright, use artificial grass in some portion of your window displays. For an uplifting look, try using silk flowering plants on the second story windows, and grass if it’s a first-story window. Remember that two-tone grass showers a lovely serene look.

Artificial plants are a safe and secure solution

Whenever you are creating an artificial outdoor plant design, it is very important to select the right kind of plants that are mainly designed for outdoor use only. People often make the mistake of using artificial indoor plants in window boxes, and this is the reason they quickly fade and fall apart. But, we at ThermaLeaf, only give our loyal customer's silk plants that are infused with UV inhibitors to protect them from fading and they are also flame protected that is fire retardant artificial plants.

Both these factors ensure that your windows will light up, and will be the center of attraction for everyone who even has the slightest of looks on it.