Make Your Work Cubicle The Most Awesome Ever - With Artificial Boxwood Mats

cubicle decorIf you are bored with the look of your office cubicle, and you think a change is needed, then it is probably time for you to consult a good interior designer for transforming the look of your plush office cubicle. Apart from the furniture or curtains, if nature can be injected into the office surrounding, then the working environment can completely change for good.  

Involving live plants in the decor is almost impossible, as they need some particular environment and care for their existence. The smartest idea suggested and implemented by leading interior designers is to install artificial landscaping products for decorating the cubicle or even other areas of the office. Artificial boxwood hedge or faux boxwood mats are the perfect choices for doing up the walls or the pillars of your office cubicle for a complete revamped look.

Faux boxwood hedge and their charismatic appearance

The waiting lounge, the reception area, the boardroom and even the office cubicles deserve some smart landscaping. Fake hedges or artificial boxwood mat if placed in these sectors on the walls or the floors of the major corporate offices will enhance the beauty completely, and these products require a very little bit of maintenance. The main motto for every office apart from creating a good working environment for the employees is of creating an impression that too a lasting one on their clients whenever they visit the place. 

office cubicle decor infographic

Revamping the look of your office by using these faux botanical beauties in an artistic way will be pleasing to your eyes as well as a complete delight for others who visit your place. The dark green leaves forming the perfect artificial hedge are a hot favorite among interior designers. The natural looking artificial hedges look similar to the real one. Certain environment conditions are also required for growing the natural hedges. If compared with real ones, the replicas of the live plants in the form of faux hedges or fake boxwood mat are very much cost effective. You can customize their size as per your requirement.

Why are these artificial boxwood hedges better choices for your office cubicle interior over the real ones?

For a company to perform better, the productivity generated by its employees is the actual key. Work environment becomes ideal if greenery is introduced into it, it can help you curb your stress level and anxiety and can help you in staying calm and focused. By installing the artificial landscaping product like artificial boxwood panels or faux hedge, you can keep the greenery intact in your cubicle in all seasons which is impossible in the case of natural plants. The other reasons are explained below:

  • Live plants or trees always have special weather requirement for their survival and growth, while the artificial beauty can stay as it is even in centrally air conditioned atmosphere.
  • For keeping them fresh sunlight and water are an essential need for live plants. The faux replica of the natural plant is manufactured to withstand any condition.
  • The natural plant requires fertilizers and pesticides for its upkeep. While the fake landscaping product repels insects and does not need any further maintenance.
  • You will have to invest money for maintaining a live plant as long as it survives, but the artificial product is a one time buy and lasts all your life by only dusting off the dirt on its surface sometimes.
  • There is a particular time span for a live plants survival. The fake one has got no hassle attached to it about dying or decaying.

The above points make it quite clear as why introducing greenery in your workspace through the faux boxwood panels or mats is the best idea.

Fake boxwood hedge available in the market

Instead of treating your guests or clients into your office with high priced carpet, welcome them by introducing and using boxwood mat foliage on the floor. It comes in square shapes from 10’’ x 10’’ to even 20’’ x  20’’ measurement. You have the option of customization too. Plastic is the material used for making these mats. They are affixed or assembled on a plastic panel. They can be arranged by placing the tiles quite quickly. If you need it for a larger surface installation, then the boxwood mats or tiles can be wired together for creating a lush green surface. The depth of these artificial hedge panels is almost 3’’. Mention your size specifications to your dealer from where you are making your purchase and use them.

The qualities or unique properties offered by these plastic hedges

Maybe they are made of plastic, but even after looking at them for a long time you will not be able to make out any difference in their appearance from their live counterpart. The best professionals in the industry are appointed for creating these artificial beauties. Its properties are:

  • It is 100% fire retardant; it has been tested under international fire codes. Special chemicals are used on its surface so that it stays safe from fire completely.
  • If it is exposed to sunlight, there is no chance of color fading and by the implementation of unique technology, it is safe from UV rays as well.
  • It is very light in weight and can be carried by anyone very easily.
  • It does not require any washing, and if somehow it gets water on its surface, there is no chance of damage due to that.
  • Made out of non-toxic material. Hence you can have your lunch in your cubicle just beside it without worry.

These plastic boxwood hedges or mats are extremely durable and these almost zero maintenance product, adds to the beauty of your elegant office atmosphere and makes it even more sophisticated.