Must-Have Landscape Amenities for Every Corporate Building

LandscapeNumerous factors contribute to building a corporate complex a great workplace. Along with the latest design trends of the offices, there are certain other amenities and facilities office tenants look for while finding a suitable workplace. The availability of various amenities greatly contributes to the decision-making process. Ranging from rooftop patios, good parking facilities, appealing landscape, flexibility, adaptive work environment and more, the tenants consider all. These amenities not only attract more and more tenants but also help enhance the value of the commercial property in the market. So, let's explore different kinds of amenities your corporate space must have to offer your tenants.

An Energizing and Appealing Landscape

Imagine a lush green turf around your corporate space combines with a blend of colorful flowers and varieties of plants. Isn't such landscape making you feel energized and refreshed? That is why most of the offices consider setting up a work area around such environment that has a natural and soothing image to make employees feel fresh all the time. The corporate sector now understands the importance of greenery in boosting the energy levels of the employees who have to spend a considerable amount of time on their desks or boardrooms. Hence, it is a good idea to establish an appealing and lively interior and exterior landscape with some seating arrangement as well. You can also go for some artificial landscaping products also, as they are less expensive and are free from regular upkeep requirements. Every variety of plants can be found with the same looks and appeal as of their real counterparts. Most of the commercial buildings are now incorporating these solutions to have a stress free landscaping installed at budget-friendly rates.

Rooftop Patio or Terrace is A Plus

Rooftop patios or similar getaways in a commercial building can add a significant kind of amenity to the office. Such areas with appropriate seating arrangement can give employees to take their breaks and relax for a while with a cup of coffee or tea. These are considered important because such relaxation zones enhance collaboration among employees by giving rise to informal get together for a while. You can decorate the space well with the right type of plants, turf or visual appeal to offer engaging seating to the office tenants.

Parking Amenities Are A Must

Parking facility is the most important thing that any tenant would consider while analyzing the amenities of a commercial complex. People are obviously concerned about their vehicles and thus having a good parking system at the place with organized parking can be a big plus. Even if your corporate building doesn't have enough space to offer adequate parking, it is important you rent out nearby building or space for making regular and secure parking to your tenants during the day as well as night. If you already have parking lots, make sure to get them painted to make them look new. Allot sequence wise numbers or tokens to the tenants for parking.

Keep Your Complex Secure

Tight security is another important facility that is required to be at the place for making the tenants feel secure at your place. Whether it is about security from any fire hazard, theft or more, make sure that safety from all these kinds of risks is there. Setup proper alarm systems and also hire professional security guards to safeguard your complete complex.

Comfortable Seating Areas

In an office environment, where a large number of people will be there on a daily basis, not having appropriate seating arrangements doesn't make sense. There will be lunch breaks, tea breaks and all when employees will seek for a comfortable seating zone where they can relax and reenergize themselves for the rest of the day. For this, you can add benches, tables, and chair along with planters to offer comfort as well as interesting breaks to the people in your complex. In such outdoor areas, adding a water feature also becomes more engaging.

On-Site Food Facility

Adding an onsite food facility can also be a good addition to the list of amenities you are offering to your tenants. People love to enjoy light snacks and foods while their breaks and coffee time. So, adding a food corner can also be an attraction for the tenants. You can add the vending machine in such area to create an engaging environment. These things certainly make a great effect on the decisions of locating in such a building.

Reliable and Fast Elevators

If your commercial building has multiple floors, it is important that you install most reliable, secure, and fast elevators. This is an era of speed and technology, so waiting for more for elevators can offer a monotonous and dull experience to the tenants. Offer best lift systems to your tenants to offer the best experience. Also, make sure to hold an eye on the cleanliness of the elevators as well.

Fitness Center can also be Impactful.

The modern work life of the people making them sits stick to their systems for a considerable number of hours a day. This brings a kind of physical inactivity to everyone life. For overcoming this, the latest trend of commercial buildings is incorporating fitness centers inside the complex. You can invite tenants to subscribe to the fitness center and get involved in some physical activity during their breaks or free hours. Fitness centers are also helpful in enhancing the well-being of employees as well. Corporate owners can significantly enjoy reduced health costs on their employees by engaging their people in such fitness centers regularly.

Offer Convenient Working Zones

The latest work life offers too much of flexibility to the employees regarding the place where they want to work. Now the work of the employees is no longer limited to their work desks. So, it is important that you offer proper Wi-Fi accessibility throughout your building complex along with electric outlets so that your tenants can work flexibly anywhere.