Outdated Home Decor Trends That Must Go

Outdated Home Decor Trends That Must GoHome decorating styles and fashions come and go. One generation’s fantastic use of crown molding replaces the next generation’s fantastic glass paneling or vice-versa. Today, a trend that starts out fresh and committing can quickly become overrated especially because we love to spend money on new things. Something that sounds oh-so-perfect today shall turn out of fashion ten years from now. These eye-roll-worthy trends below are the most hated ones that have overlayed their welcome at some of our houses, and finally, we should put them to rest now. Updating the interior is the best option to make ourselves instantly happy and gay.

1. White rooms with a patch of blue: Those days are gone when white was the only way of living life. An ordinary white interior is so old-fashioned these days. Instead navy blue has become the new trend that can face the modern designs adding warmth and freshness to the surroundings. Navy can give a contemporary house, a modern makeover anytime.

Indigo bed sheets with pillows and blankets are out of fashion in today’s world. It has been everywhere since the past few decades; now finally it’s time to clear away the overpowering impact of the color on the interior of the houses. 

2. Unlimited edges with a creation everywhere: Boxy furniture here and there is a good idea, but it’s high time to return the circular items with round edges. If we want to create a calm and cozy atmosphere inside the room, some friendly closets or furniture can give instant comfort to this world of constant chaos and disturbances. A comfortable house always welcome better than an edgy and advanced home.

A creative DIY is a fantastic way to spend a rainy or a dull afternoon. But when every part of the house, from the ceiling to the floor is a DIY, it’s time to clean the den. Some easy and artistic crafts instead take the decoration to a high skill level like clay work, or glass paintings.

3. Time to replace the real green: Using real plants for a house decoration is quite outdated today as they need a proper environment to grow and glow. It requires a huge trimming and watering every day. It can take a lot of time from our busy schedule. Replica plants blend with a variety of home atmosphere quickly, and they are almost pest-free.

Silk plants always create a warm, soft and exciting environment and they need no keep up to survive a long-lasting grandeur. Unlike real plants, they can keep their original sizes and shapes intact and require no special trimming.

An artificial birch tree is a marvelous option to create an attractive home garden. Even silk floral arrangements bring an effortless beauty to the greenery. We can keep artificial tree branches with leaves at a corner of our living room creating an indoor green nook. Some silk ferns and fake orchids are instant mood boosters with their perfect existence as they can surely give fierce competition to their real counterparts.

Artificial cactus plants add a sense of tranquillity and wellbeing with their inviting presence. They can enhance a dark corner immediately and allow the real nature let in, without really doing so.

4. Dull countertops with an uninteresting print: Granite tops are quite famous in houses. But there are other appreciative options as well that are less expensive and quite trendy and can enhance a practical touch anytime. Quartz is a suitable replacement as it is attractive, fashionable, and durable and always adds a natural character to the place. Even a marble concrete or a white stone top blesses the room with a high-quality lamination.

Chevron prints on curtains and floors are boring and easily replaceable with unique tones and the geometric and tropical trends. Blending prints with patterns and shapes can quickly change the original and outdated makeover instantly.

5. Paints, arts and chic: Original red bricks create an excellent decoration in exteriors as well as fireplaces and are more fashionable than simple and outdated white paints. Solid room paints with a blue or a green patch can look extremely mind-blowing with its fantastic existence. Light pink is also quite cozy and warm with greatness to oppose the sternness of an antique white. Over sized-art pieces are often more corny than inspirational. Instead, if we display a picture frame, it can easily style the room.

A chipped wood blends well with few key pieces or can also create an intentionally distressed look with a proper makeover than a shabby chic style.

6. White kitchens with open shelves: A white slash with slight undertones warm a kitchen amazingly and can give a clean and modern look. It’s better to paint with our own hands as a paint card gives a different version than what it shows. Instead of creating all white cabinets we should focus on painting the upper cabinets white and some darker shades for the lower drawers or closets.

The most cherished dream of a minimalist is to create a striking open shelving pattern. It can hide clutter behind closed closets. It can even correctly take care of the dishes and containers.

7. Brasses and bulbs: The concept of furnishing the room with a metallic brass can enhance a shiny look but is certainly not the last choice. Instead, if we mix metals or put some bronze fittings to a brass flower vase, it showers a blend of perfect taste and character.

Some outdated Led or hanging bulbs stop going after the trend over time. An industrial theme of decoration is merely dull and old-fashioned. The best option is using a retro lighting system or handmade lampshades that can speak for our choices and lifestyle, fitting well with our perfect theme of home decor.

If we want to design our house in a classy way, ideas that are a passing fancy of designers turn out the best option for our nests. These practically trustworthy layouts are undoubtedly here to stay.