Overdose of Natural Beauty with Artificial Foliage Mats

Overdose of natural beauty with Artificial Foliage MatsLandscaping is becoming too common nowadays with almost the similar ideas of themed landscape and the same old techniques. You need to take up something amazing to treat your landscape with. It has to be something so amazing and awesome that it will attract everyone’s attention and will stand out among the rest. The best way is to add the natural beauty and fill the landscape with some greenery to bring in a refreshing and rejuvenating atmosphere all over the place. Talking about the natural greenery, an artificial boxwood mat is a fantastic item and is also unique one to treat the visitors with. The boxwood mats are different from the traditional plants in landscaping. Let us see how.

Advantages of using boxwood mat in landscaping

There are some unique benefits of using artificial boxwood mats in landscaping. They include:

  • They look beautiful and unique which is impossible by any other decoration item. The lush, dense greenery is a treat to the eyes and is also worth everyone’s appreciation. 
  • They are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. The arrow tips and channel locks stop any loss of leaf due to the wind when kept outdoors. So, they can withstand the harshness of nature.
  • The uniqueness and adaptability of the faux hedge make it best for any landscape and any location. You can try any new places as they are creative and unique. 
  • The boxwood panels are suitable for multi-use and they can be used for floor decorations as well as wall decorations. You can use them according to the occasion. 
  • Once installed, they can serve a lifetime as they are not perishable like natural plants or create any mess. You need not worry about the pest or insects.
  • They can retain the elegance with zero maintenance. So, they are best suited for public buildings and offices where there won’t need any separate personnel to take care of them.
  • With the ThermaLeaf® and PermaLeaf® technologies, they are resistant to fire and also ever elegant once installed.

ThermaLeaf® and PermaLeaf® - utilities in faux boxwood panels

The artificial boxwood panels come with innovative ThermaLeaf® and PermaLeaf® technologies which are unique from the rest. The ThermaLeaf technology ensures protection against fire outbreaks, and it is due to this technology that the boxwood mat foliage is safer than anything else. The pigments used in coloring are fire retardant.

The PermaLeaf® technology ensures that the artificial hedge panels retain color forever and doesn’t fade away on exposure to outdoor conditions. The color pigments used are safe and don’t cause pollution and are also UV protected. Along with these, a particular resin is used which ensures the endurance against harsh weather. The smooth surface of the leaves does not let any build up of dust on them.

The size and variety of the faux hedges

You can use them as boxwood tiles or boxwood mats as they are versatile and unique. The traditional size is 12” X 12” but they are also available in 24” X 24” square sizes for wall coverings. Anyways, you can also get plastic hedges of larger sizes as the mats can be connected for covering large areas. Custom sizes are also available.

The varieties of the plastic hedge include the most realistic leaf structures which are created by expert botanists. The varieties like English Ivy, Pearl glass, Azalea are also exciting and has an own unique look. You can also choose the standard boxwood or Juniper mats which are used since hundreds of years for landscaping.

The applications of the artificial hedges

You can choose your artificial hedge according to your requirement. You just have to specify how you want to use your foliage mat. There are different types of mats for different occasions like the indoor use or outdoor use or may be the permanent or temporary mats or single time use or multiple use mats, etc. The mats can withstand multiple beatings and so, if you want, they can be designed in such a way that they can be installed again and again depending on the occasion. You can move them around the place and create new landscapes every time to treat your visitors.

Using the foliage mats indoors

The foliage map can be used indoors to overdose the landscape with greenery and to treat the visitors in the most unique way. You can set them up inside the office where they can be most easily viewed. Covering any7 portion of the wall or any partition with the foliage mats is a great idea. It is best if the wall has a TV set which the visitors can enjoy watching. It will be best to place a TV in the middle of the mesmerizing greenery. The natural beauty can also be used as tiles or mats indoors where the viewers can appreciate the landscaping idea.

Using the boxwood mat foliage outdoors

As the mats are resistant to harsh weather conditions, you can expose them to direct sunlight and rains as they won’t be affected. Any outdoor walls can also be covered with the mats to give a green look and attract the attention of the onlookers. It is best suited for any parties or gatherings or any public houses which is regularly visited by a lot of people. The landscaping idea will surely make it stand out among the others.

Installation of the boxwood mats

The boxwood mats come with an instruction manual which will help you with the installation procedures and techniques. You can cut the mats to the required shape and size using a pair of scissors before installing. The mats can be installed on the zip tiles which are fit for outdoor use and are best for installation on the metal screens and surfaces. You can also staple them on solid surfaces using galvanized staples or fix them wherever you want with the adhesive. They are easy to install and once installed, they can stay for a lifetime.

On a whole, the boxwood mats are an awesome idea of landscaping and the uniqueness of the overdose of natural beauty can enhance almost any place.