Presentation also Matters!!

plant containerPurchasing your favorite bunch of silk orchid or a calla Lillie is one thing, but placing them tidily for everyone to feel warm, welcome and great is a tactile issue. In today’s times and also earlier presentation of work, art, sport, music or through a decorative purpose is important. You don’t want to have the best artificial plants and outdoor trees to have an abnormal seating place.   

Everybody has their own particular manner of working with artificial indoor plants. Some use them on the mantle, some like to take the high street and implement them to adorn an engineering edge. Regardless of where you put them in your home or commercial establishment, these tips can help you verify that they are your rock stars. 

1. Pick a rustic Urn or Planter 

The best aspect regarding silk trees and palms as a part of your landscaping design is that they don't oblige any water. This permits you to utilize essentially any sort of vessel that you need to contain them. A pitcher, vase, wicker container, urn, and box all make awesome choices for containing fake greenery. 

2. Look through the Shading  

Color combination and contrast depends also on other decorative accessories like wall hangings, ceiling art, chairs, furniture units and the background shading. Keep in mind that when you are gathering different things together in a vignette pick a shading plan before you select your elements and verify that everything compliments one another pleasantly. 

3. Odd is Better than Even 

Now, grouping of stems and picks, fake bushes and silk flowering plants looks better when they are assembled in a bunch of 3, 5, 7 and so on, according to landscaping experts. For example, you can go with a silk orchid arrangement in a pot, with a coffee table book, a lidded container, and a pitcher that is overflowing with spring sprouts, makes a picturesque sight. 

4. Set your Plants at Interesting angles

Shape, area and angles play a vital role in the presentation of your artificial foliage. Make sure that each and every decorative element, including hanging plants, topiaries among others is seen by guests/visitors coming to your home of workplace. Interior designers mostly give a triangular shape to all their designs, making it 3 dimensional and viewed from everywhere. Artificial Garlands and Succulents can be your decorative element to be placed at an interesting angle if you like.

5. Go Unseasonal with seasonal items

Artistic freedom is totally achieved with adorning with fake plants, as you have the choice of going for any plant type you want. With natural greenery you don’t get to experiment with, as to have to look into too many factors for the perfect landscaping designs. But with the advancement of high quality, lifelike fire retardant artificial plants and flowers, not only indoors but even a complete commercial landscaping design is possible.

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