Reinvent the Style and Charm of your Corporate Landscape with ThermaLeaf® Custom Artificial Leaves

Faux Leaves for DecorSpring season marks the blooming of flowers, and the gardens become green and lively, but one does not need to wait year long. Our Artificial trees and its different variants are your best bet for making your dull and boring office space come to life. The flexibility of getting the leaves tailor made makes our products stand out. You can experiment in all possible directions and can get the best of everything from the shape to color to size. Moreover, the added advantages make it a package deal.

Magic of Personal Touch

One of the most distinguishing features of our products is they are tailor-made according to your needs. The leaves of the plants or foliage can be customized the way you want. If you detest the idea of the standard faux plants, then you can get it customized. You can buy a particular size of the fake plants or get a particular number of leaves on every branch. We offer 100% flexibility of choosing the shape of the leaves, their color, etc. catering to the requirements of our consumers. You can always communicate your needs and get customized leaves for the silk plants.

Potential Usage

Our custom made leaves find a variety of uses. It is popularly used to enhance the business environment by adding the natures' touch through this foliage, plastic moss mats, faux trees, etc. One can brighten up office both inside as well as outside by adding these vibrant textured leaves. One can use them in their reception areas to lighten the mood or even use in trough displays or at the entrance of the mall or a restaurant. These are attractive and will certainly make a vigorous statement within the malls, hotel entryways and at the reception of corporate houses. The sophisticated and classy ambiance gives your clients trust that they are dealing with the right organization. These artificial plants can be used for interior decoration. The restaurants having foliage on the walls have a magical vibe.

Fire Retardant 

The best part of these artificial leaves is that they are fire resistant. The common belief is since they are produced from synthetic fibers; hence they are prone to fire, and on catching fire, it would generate a significant amount of deadly smoke. However, these faux leaves consist of flame retardant material. A fire resistant chemical is impregnated into the plants during its manufacturing and hence making them fire safe. One does not have to worry about wearing off of the sprayed topical fire retardant chemicals. It is the safest as compared to its contemporaries in the market which meets the all the fire codes. It has been tested and complies with multiple test methods.

Minimal Maintenance

One should consider buying custom artificial trees or artificial foliage if the business area or mall, the restaurant is not enticing customers because of its dull looks. The artificial trees and plants look exactly like the real ones and minus all the maintenance. They can be easily installed anyplace and no need for any special care. They do not require a lot of work in cleaning. Moreover, we use the technology that contains specific UV stabilizers which help in preventing color fading. The plastic used to make the leaves, flowers, and stems of foliage makes them water resistant. Hence, they can be easily used in outdoor landscaping as well as indoor landscaping.


One thing that is common in the custom leaves is that they are constructed of quality material and workmanship. The faux leaves are made from silk polyester that creates an appealing, tender, smooth finish and gives them such a realistic appearance which is tough to differentiate between fake and real plants. Another benefit of the polyester used is it makes these plants pet safe. Unlike many plants that are poisonous to people, pets -- including dogs and cats -- and children.These premium quality products are designed to withstand harsh climatic condition, so one doesn't need to worry about the color fading of the vibrant leaves.

Pocket Friendly

Unlike its real counterparts, they are a lot more pocket-friendly, and they require negligible maintenance. These faux plants are the one-time investment and don't need costly fertilizers, pesticides or soil replacements. All one need is general dusting and voila these silk plants always manage to look fresh. Your consumers will appreciate your expensive taste, but these plants won't be expensive in your pocket. They are low-priced, and the long list of benefits offered by them makes them value for money deal. Moreover, your clients are surely going to acknowledge your classy and sophisticated taste.

No Seasonal Woes

One point that makes it stand out is these leaves are not season bound, and thus one can enjoy the liveliness throughout the year. Moreover, they won't weaken if not given proper sunlight or subjected to harsh climatic conditions. One can continue to enjoy the alluring elegance of these plants at any time of year. Moreover, they are fade resistant as UV protective material is introduced during its manufacturing. Hence, it makes them fade resistant when exposed to harsh weather conditions.

Increases Productivity

Many studies have indicated the link between the presence of plants and the productivity of employees. So keeping the faux plants in your office helps in accomplishing more in lesser time. These plants not only lend an aesthetic value to the place but also help in people staying more focused and stress-free. Many argue that it is the real plants which help in increasing the productivity, creativity and lowering the stress. However, the results suggested that the mere presence of plants and foliage help in achieving the same. Hence the adding silk plants are a viable option as they create a calmer state of mind too.


It scores full marks in the durability department. These silk plants have a long life and do not attract insects or molds. With these plants in your office, you do not have to worry about sunlight or water. They not only create a style statement but also take care of all hygiene issues. These flowers don't spread pollen, and hence one need not worry about the pollen allergies. Moreover, they are made of plastic hence; they do not attract insects and pests. Thereby, easing the whole maintenance process and increasing the overall life of these plants.