Safe and Stylish – ThermaLeaf® Faux Bonsai Trees

faux bonsaiBonsai is not just tray planting of trees; it is an art that needs lots of hard work and patience. Owning bonsais reflect the love for creativity, patience and can bring a unique feel to any office, hospitals, corporate buildings etc.

The art of growing Bonsai trees

Cultivating bonsai trees naturally needs not just persistence but also some complex time taking techniques that require green thumbs. Growing them naturally takes around 3 to 5 years to set up the plant in the pot and after that one has to also make sure that it does not grow any further, because that can spoil the whole look. The shape and size of bonsai trees that is accepted as standard and will look aesthetically pleasing to the eyes is also very difficult to achieve and it takes some practice to grow them. Dwarfing must not be confused with growing bonsai trees as this art does not depend upon using any genetically modified specimens.

Splendor of faux bonsai trees

Faux bonsai trees can obviously be purchased straight away and used for decorations to bring a unique charm to any indoor or outdoor landscape. Growing bonsai requires transferring them to different sized pots at different stages of their development and thus decorating corporate buildings, malls, restaurant or other commercial areas with many of them would propose the problem of time management, maintenance and most importantly, experts might have to be deployed to do the work. Artificial bonsai need no care at all and can be kept anywhere, irrespective of whether that place gets proper sunlight, fresh air or fulfills other such requirements that a naturally growing tree demands. Buying these will obviously save years of hard work that is needed to grow and train these trees to achieve their perfect shape and size.

Inexpensive and amazing

Forget all the care and labor that goes into growing bonsai trees with these artificial botanical beauties that look absolutely natural and needs no maintenance at all. These artificial bonsai trees are available in several different tree species and can also be ordered in any custom made specific variant. Their perfect shapes make them absolutely suitable for both interior and exterior landscaping. These are far less expensive than growing bonsai trees by hiring professionals and need just the set up time to transform a dull landscape into an amazing mood uplifting place. 

Flexible and customizable

The easiest way to beautify both indoor and outdoor landscapes with bonsai is to select from the wide range of magnificent varieties and install them in no time, with the help of instruction manuals available with them. These are fully customizable and one can select from the wide variety of species of trees, pots, flowers and fruits etc. Crafted carefully by professionals, these artificial landscaping products look absolutely realistic with the proper size and shapes of all the elements like branches and leaves. 

Easy to set up

Unlike naturally grown bonsai trees, these artificial ones do not require shifting them to differently sized pots from time to time. The set up is quite easy as these are often preferred in small sizes. One can readily shift them around the workspace with ease because of their lightweight, without worrying about causing any damage. Vertical gardening looks beautiful with bonsai trees in outdoor landscapes and placing them on office desks, receptions, corners of restaurants, government buildings, schools etc. are some of the great ideas to decorate interiors with bonsai trees. 

Perfect for every location

These faux bonsai trees are absolutely natural looking and can be used for interior as well as exterior location. They are available in customizable sizes which make them fit for any location. They are known to uplift moods and make the surrounding environment very pleasant. These artificial bonsai trees are made with special care to incorporate all the details that a natural tree of that species includes. The commercial grade materials used in making these faux trees ensure that they look indistinguishable from the natural ones. The exotic look of these carefully crafted artificial, yet natural looking bonsai trees will surely make a unique statement in any restaurants, parks, hotels, malls and other commercial areas. 

Why prefer ThermaLeaf® over any other?

Thousands of cases were reported in the past decade, where faux botanical beauties were the cause of spreading fire due to negligence. ThermaLeaf® uses advanced technology to ensure that the artificial plants and trees are completely UV stable and fire resistant, which makes them preferable for exterior as well as interior landscaping purposes. These faux trees are capable of persisting even in extremely harsh climatic conditions and high temperature. They abide by all the fire regulatory guidelines that the commercial buildings must follow, hence making them a great choice for landscape artists. 

Some other benefits of artificial bonsai trees

  • Growing natural bonsai can take approximately 3 years or more whereas these artificial bonsai trees can be set up readily without any hassle.
  • It is almost impossible to maintain and grow bonsai trees in closed air conditioned environments which most commercial buildings have, and thus artificial bonsai can be used to replace the natural ones.
  • These faux bonsai trees are gaining popularity because they require no patience and hard work in shifting them to different pots over different stages of their lifetime.
  • With these faux beauties around, there are absolutely no chances of spillage and any bad organic smell due to overwatering as no organic material is used.
  • Being made from durable synthetic materials, they need no maintenance at all and remain beautiful in the same way for years.
  • These are fire resistant and UV stable, making them perfect for both interior and exterior landscapes.