Small Kitchen Decor Ideas with Big Impact

artificial plants for the kitchenThe kitchen of the house is the most important room for the homemaker and the entire family. It not only provides food to survive to everyone but also has remedies for nourishment and good health of the all the family members. Often, due to financial or space constraints, one has to make do with a small kitchen.

You can still find smart and simple ways to add volume and spaciousness to your tiny kitchen. Read on for some effective do it yourself ideas.

Design and Space Layout

If you are living in an apartment and have the restraints of a small kitchen, you may not be able to do much structurally. But you can try to see if you can use a divider to keep the kitchen area separate from the living area. This may not increase the floor area but will make your small kitchen look bigger.

Paint a design or place tiles with large horizontal lines on the floor to give the effect of a large room. Plain tiles may make the space look constrained. Large horizontal stripes also have the same effect. Alternately, you can place fire retardant rugs with similar stripes on the plain tiles.

Give an illusion of length to the room by placing some dark decoration on the topmost shelf as close to the ceiling as possible. You can also fix some dark tile skirting at the top to give the feeling of a high room.

Colour Scheme

Lighter and pastel shades always make any room appear larger then what they are. Paint one wall opposite the entrance to the kitchen with a darker color to add length and depth to the small kitchen.  A large motif or a bold pattern on the ceiling also Adds volume to the room. Use shades of white in the kitchen for your cupboards, drawers, countertop, and other furniture. Try not to contrast too many colors as they break the depth of the room. Go in for shiny or glossy paints to add brightness to the office.


Choose smaller and sleeker kitchen appliances like mixers, juicers, ovens, microwaves, etc. Also, try o to buy them in light colors or transparent frames.  Try to put all appliances inside storage cabinets. A clean and even look is always a better option than a cluttered one. Place the gas stove and the cooking range, if there, on the same slab. It reduces the use of space. Restrict the items from the kitchen to the things which are needed in the kitchen. Keep away other personal belongings and decorations.

Just an artificial palm leaf in one corner or some fake plants in a pot are good to go. Fix a sleek, wall-mount vent hood over the cooktop. It makes the wall or cabinets look less bulky. HAN g the pots and pans rather than placing them on the cooktops or kitchen counters. Clear And clutter-free countertops make the kitchen look bigger.

Lighting and Ventilation

Allow as much as natural sunlight to enter the kitchen. Take out as many windows possible in the kitchen. Sunlight always gives the feeling of an open area. Fix decorative light shades and fittings on the walls. Make sure that these fittings are sleek and small in size. Install lighting underneath the top cabinets to add depth and volume. Diffused or colored light is a no-no in the kitchen. Open a skylight into the ceiling if you live in an independent house or on the top floor of your apartment. Fix large bay windows or greenhouse windows for more light. Hang some hanging silk plants from these windows.


Inbuilt cabinets from the floor to the ceiling may be required in your small kitchen to store the necessary items of use. Ensure to use light-colored cabinets, open shelves, and glass-front doors only so that the room looks more spacious. Glass front doors add depth to the offices and spaciousness too. Dark panels and too many closed door cabinets make the room look smaller. Pull out drawers on sliding channels take in a lot of the burden.


You often want the luxury of a stool or chair to sit on while spending long hours waiting for the food to cook. Have inbuilt furniture items like a folding table which can be opened up as a kitchen counter. Keep sleek looking furniture in lighter shades of paint or varnish.  The work island and the bar chair or stool should also be trim and elegant. Avoid bulky items. Buy or fix furniture with curved spaces. This adds up inches to your room.

Connect with Nature

There is a huge variety of artificial plants for the kitchen in the markets. It is essential o add some color nature to the kitchen. It brightens up the mood of the homemaker who spends a large part of the day inside this small room. This faux foliage can be in the form of hanging silk plants, artificial plants in a pot, fake vines, etc. These artificial plants are safe and meet national and internal fire codes. They are fire retardant and safe. Another advantage is that they will not wilt, wither, or wash off. The smooth surfaces of these plants also do not allow any dust to gather. Thus they retain their shine and color for longer periods.


Brighten up your small kitchen. Go in for some wholesale artificial flower arrangements which are colorful. These will look great against the pastel-colored walls. You can also place one or two colorful fire retardant trees in the kitchen. A pretty wall clock, some hanging artificial vegetables or fruits, a small painting can be set in the kitchen. Avoid cluttering up with too many decorations. Lovely kitchen motifs can be stuck on the kitchen tiles.

Try these simple kitchen decor hacks and see the massive impact they have on your small kitchen. Happy cooking!