Space Saving Seating Layouts for Office Balconies

Palm TreeBalconies are the open extension of the building which is accessible from upper floor window or door. They have been implemented in the office building for numerous positive reasons. They are used as relaxing place, for meetings, and sometimes used for counseling employees because it is an open space where one gets fresh air.

When balcony has so many advantages then providing a good seating layout makes it more comfortable place for everybody to use. We know that most of the offices are situated in the urban places. The problem with urban offices is balcony space. The offices in urban areas usually have small balconies, but you don't have to stop yourself from arranging a seating layout because there are few ways to arrange to seat without decors consuming much space.

Here are the few easy and simple ideas to create space-saving seating layouts for office balconies:

Portable tables and chairs

Portable tables and chairs are easily available in the market. They are very affordable. Arrange them when there is a need for a seating requirement and remove them after the use. When there is a meeting going to be held, arrange them and after the meeting remove them. They help in retaining the space.

Hanging tables

Hanging tables are the best idea for saving space in the balcony as they hang from the grill, they save a lot of space. There are some foldable hanging tables available. Drag them open when required and fold them after use. They fold so easily without disturbing the look of the balcony.

Mounted tables

Tables are mounted to the designer grill or the concrete grill. They reduce almost half of the space that a normal table consumes. Use them for placing small sized objects. Though the mounted tables are smaller compared to normal tables, they give an elegant look to the balcony.

Corner shelves

Only table and chairs make balcony a boring place. It becomes just like any other seating place. To make the gallery a relaxing place, decors are necessary. If you are not using hanging containers or mounted ones, then there is a requirement for some stands. Stands consume space, so corner shelves are the best option. They require the least space.

Hanging contemporary containers

As artificial plants and flowers are trending in exterior and interior industry, use them in balcony decoration. They add up to the beauty of the seating layout of the balcony. When there is less space, for holding synthetic plants and flowers use hanging containers. They give a contemporary feel to the balcony. It will impress your clients and employees.

Hanging plants

Hanging plants are usually climbers or creepers. The problem with them is their maintenance. Synthetic hanging plants are the best solution for this problem. Fake plants are installed very easily. They are customized according to the customer requirement. Fake plants are available with fake flowers. They make the balcony colorful.

Artificial trees

Artificial trees and plants make the balcony lively. Natural trees and plants are efforts consuming and time-consuming. Synthetic trees and plants are easy to install and are cost effective. Nobody will be able to find out the difference between the natural and fake plants and plants when they are placed next one another. So, artificial trees are good for making balcony seating layout a rejuvenating place.


Topiaries are not very old exterior and interior decors. They are accessible in different shapes like round, cone and spherical. They give a classic look when they are placed at the corners of the balcony or the upper floor window or door. Even topiaries are available in plastic material.

Palm trees

There are various types of palm trees. Coconut palm trees, areca palm trees, fan palm trees, date palm trees, kentia palm trees are the varieties among palm trees to name few. The added depth to the balcony. As usually, balconies do not have roofs, place palm trees. Usage of artificial palm trees will save space and money as they are customized according to the requirements.


To create a lively and relaxing atmosphere in the balcony place more green decors. If your idea is to keep the balcony colorful and if you still wish to add some greenery to it, foliage helps you. Artificial grass mats and screens will create a fake lawn kind of appearance to the floor of the balcony. This helps you in setting an attractive seating layout on the balcony very efficiently.

Green walls and screens

Green walls and screens are green patches made of fake plants and flowers. They are easy to install and require least maintenance, in fact, zero maintenance. They fill the balcony without giving it messy look and without consuming any space on the balcony.

Fake flowers

Just like fake trees and fake plants, there are also artificial flowers. They are made of mostly plastic material but these days, flowers available in silk material also. They give a rich look to the exterior of the office building. Some professionals are great at silk flower arrangement. This helps in making the balcony attractive.

Office plants

It is important to be up-to-date when it comes to exterior and interior designing of the office. Before designing the balcony exterior design consulting a professional will help. There are separate plants category those which are called office plants, made for office purpose only. The limitations of office space are kept in mind while creating them.

Hanging holders and decors

When there comes a situation where objects like glasses and vases are to be used, then use hanging holders. Hanging holders and decors are removable. They are easy to use and save a lot of space on the balcony.