Style and Beauty of Thermaleaf® Custom Trees for a Dash of Style to Your Décor

Custom Trees for a dash of style to your décorDo you want to revamp the look of your plush corporate office and do up the interiors and the exterior landscapes? Well, if can get challenging to transform the look and sculpt an all-new one. By bringing in nature and soaking it with your existing décor, can immediately create a connection with people visiting your premises and make the entire environment peaceful.

Be it the entrance of an exotic resort, a luxury mall or even the reception desk of a five-star hotel, by placing trees of your choice on these areas can make your décor look very much innovative and stylish. However, it is impossible to create this greenery by placing and growing live trees in the interior landscapes and even if they are placed outside, the entire process of their care regime and maintenance task will be very much difficult. Hence, using custom artificial trees for your decoration ideas will be the smartest and ideal solution. 

Where can you find these custom replicas of the original trees?

ThermaLeaf® is one of the best companies, which has been working towards its goal of manufacturing the most realistic looking botanical landscaping products in the market. No one can even differentiate these plants and trees from his or her original counterpart because of his or her exact appearance. Palms, custom trees, plants of various varieties, topiaries, and foliages are manufactured under their brand with utmost perfection.

The best experts from the industry from the manufacturing team of this company who create these artificial custom trees and another replica of the original botanical products meant for landscaping needs. Into the entrance of a huge hospital or inside the lobby area of a private resort, no matter where you place these custom trees, the look of these landscapes will be immediately transformed into a classy one. 

Why do you think the custom trees from ThermaLeaf® scores way above its original counterpart as interior landscaping décor item?

A product which will involve less maintenance regime, and will not take up a lot of time and workforce for keeping its appearance intact will prefer by everyone. Live trees, small or big will always need you to work on their healthy presence through a proper care schedule. While these faux custom trees which are preferred by most of the landscape designers are exactly the opposite. Various other reasons are explained as for why these fake beauties are preferred and are more popular:

  • Custom trees are extremely durable, and they keep their appearance intact without pruning, shaping or trimming. The natural trees will always need these regimes to be followed for their maintenance.
  • These fake trees look fresh under any given weather conditions, no matter how harsh it is. The live trees cannot survive or grow unless they are kept in suitable conditions.
  • Water gets saved because of these faux trees, as they do not need it, not even sunlight. The real trees will need both.
  • The replica of the original trees is a one time buy, as they retain their fresh green appearance throughout your lifetime. The live trees can die or decay anytime.
  • No bacteria or insects can infect the custom trees, while insecticides and pesticides are to be purchased on a regular basis for saving the original trees from these attacks. This actually increases the cost of maintenance for live trees on a higher level.

Why is the collection of custom trees from ThermaLeaf® a lucrative one, which should not be missed?

Every luxurious building, be it a corporate business office, a heritage hotel or even a house of a celebrity, while designing the interior and exteriors landscapes you must bring out something unique to satisfy the client and to impress them. The faux botanical items from the collection of ThermaLeaf® add to that wow factor in the designing of these luxurious landscapes. These products are extremely safe, and their identical appearance with the original trees makes them a must have décor item.

The custom trees and all other products of the company are made of very high-quality silk. The realistic appearance is maintained by working on all the intricate details of the original trees. These custom trees are quite budget-friendly, and they are also available for wholesale rates, for interested customers.

What are the unique features and specifications of custom trees available at ThermaLeaf®?

For any landscape decoration, be it interior or exterior, ThermaLeaf® should always be your pick. The various reasons and specifications are explained below:

  • During any disaster relating to fire breakout, these custom trees stay untouched due to the special ThermaLeaf® technology they use.  Fire retardant chemicals are sprayed on its surface during the manufacturing process.
  • They are 100% protected from the harsh ultraviolet rays when they are placed in the exterior landscapes, because of the PermaLeaf® technology. This saves them from color fading.
  • For any interior décor of restaurants, these custom trees can be used without any worry, as no toxic chemicals are used.
  • These artificial fall trees last forever, just a bit of dusting and washing sometimes, can retain their look. 

A variety of custom trees available in ThermaLeaf® collection

Evergreen faux trees like Fir, Cedar, Pine, Cypress or Arborvitae can be custom made from ThermaLeaf®. Red maple trees, a various variety of flowering trees and also ornamental trees can be found in their collection for decking up your interior and exterior landscapes.

On the request of the client, the trees can be customized in varied height, size, and foliage. You just have to visit the official website of ThermaLeaf® and request for the catalog. From then, the experts from the company will assist you with your selection of this fake trees as well their installation.