Summer Décor- 8 Tips to Remember

Palm Tree PlantsWelcome to the summer. It is just so much fun to re-decorate the house for summer. Everyone is excited about the break and ready for a new makeover. Holidays are planned, and parties are thrown. And that jolly good mood is boosted by the all-new modified décor that gives awe to whoever sees it.

There lies a treasure of ideas for a summer outlook, but the key to all of these are simplified here in a few points.

1.    The outdoor is a colorful destination for entertainment

The party goes out in the summer. After the exhaustive hot day, everybody likes to hang out outside in the chilly summer night. The theme must suit your needs, and mainly coolness of the idea is all that you need at those moments. Choose a comfy setting with a seating arrangement that helps you relax and have a conversation. Pillows are of bright color and match perfectly with the mood lighting. Add a few more chairs and small coffee tables to have a larger seating area. Glass top coffee tables can go well with simple wooden armchairs, or you can have a beautiful and cheesy sofa set beside the pool. Line up some outdoor artificial plants alongside the pool. If you want the outdoor to match your indoor then, go for same color patterns as inside your house. Also, the outdoor accessories should have the chill to live up to the party expectations. So get rid of the boring stuff and add some cool stuff like hanging chain light bulbs, a tall leg table that can be used as a small bar, a barbecue, etc.


A breath-taking view can manifold the enjoyments. So let the looks come in. Change the placement of your furniture by facing them towards the garden, pool or ocean. In that way, the lush green garden, the chilling pool or the magnificent ocean will definitely help you with a little of their unlimited jolly. But how can you have a beautiful view when you have curtains all over? So get rid of them. Open windows will let the breeze in. Think about the wall painting before you do anything. The palette should have an exuberating coolness and go for your favorites with a little shade of yellow, crimson red, orange, etc. Floral marks are gorgeous on the curtains and pillow covers.

Add a few artificial palm fronds or fake ferns into your décor. Put them in the hallway or the living room by the large window. They emanate a sense of greenery and touch of nature.

3.    The nautical look

The coastal vibe is just amazing. The memories of beach vacation become life whether you live in a town or a village. Warm and white backdrops are necessary to summon the beach feeling. Before adding seashore accessories first paint the walls with white or shades of light yellow or beige to have a set background to work on. Hang some hats from the coat hanger and decorate the lamp table and the showcase with seashells and some flower plants. Small mirrors with bright colored frame can be high in this set-up. Make the outer view the centerpiece of your sitting area.

4.    The study room

Almost everybody leaves this room to the mercy of leftovers. But it’s not something to be ignored. Bright flowers, colorful bookcases, and boxes, a neutral palette in the background are almost perfect for a summer makeover although, a traditional earthy tone suits for a study room. Go all white in colors walls, bookshelves. Use clear glass vases with fresh flowers. Some led lighting can brighten up the most boring atmosphere of a study room.

5.    Colorful Bedrooms

This is the most deserving candidate in this makeover plan. Bedding sets should be of vibrant color and bright color pillow covers. Bold décor with the warmth of mood lighting and clear lampshade can fill the interior with a relaxing vibe. The wall in front of your bed should have mantle decorated shelves with seashell and flower pots and artworks. White shelves will look good. Paint the bedroom with accent paints before changing the accessories of your showcases. Add some matching rugs that bode well with the wall and floor.

6.    Rustic sea mantel

This is another facet of a beach house look. A beach setting includes driftwoods, ropes, nets, and shells. So these are your basic requirements. A lazy afternoon will be lit up with your little DIY beach-inspired decoration. Use old wine bottles to bring texture. Spray paint some of these with blue or red and wrap the top with twines as the last touch. Put some small shells attached with a thin black fishing line inside the bottles. Rustic looking fishnets on your mantel are the spices in this item. Blue dolphin sculptures and twine wreath on the lamp table will enhance the beauty.

7.    Floral table arrangement

Fresh flowers are the harbinger of happiness and refreshing attitude into the surrounding. This is also an inexpensive yet bright and eye-catching way to have a summery makeover. Bold and fresh blooms are important, although in the absence of fresh flowers the silk flower arrangements can do the job. Sprucing up the dining table with simple but attractive materials is a fact that should not be forgotten. Vibrant sunflowers, yellow tulips, coral colored blossoms can give you a cheerful table arrangement. Complementing the table will be the bright colored napkins and white set of plates. Apart from these, if you have an aquarium inside you can put some silk hydrangea beside that too.

8.    Arts and wallpapers

Artworks function as layering on the summer backdrop. The best thing about these is that you can make these by yourself. Modern art designs are a little bit tricky to make but refreshing when completed. Polished wooden base, canvas works, spray painted vases, and thin shaded sea animal sculptures are nice to have on the open shelves.

Talking about the wallpapers, they should be cool enough in your bathroom to give you the chill of summer. Oceanic paintings, modern artworks, simple color patterns are simple but good solutions to this conundrum. Garner attraction by putting one or two medium-sized mirrors with wood crafted frame in front of those wall paintings or artworks. Prefer floral patterns or seashell or coral designs to invigorate the interior décor.

There is a lot to do if you start thinking. It is vital that you first select the backdrop and paint the walls and put some matching rugs on the floor and then you do the secondary layering, i.e. the lights and furniture arrangement. The last one is the accent work, and you will finish finding an amazing summer makeover.