Super Valuable Email Management Tips and Tools You Can’t Live Without

Super valuable email management tips and tools you cannot live withoutIf you are a business person, your world will be twirling around emails. Each day you will be uncovering your eyes to hundreds of important and frivolous emails. You get all the works documented and updated through emails, and they appear to be the best way to get things organized. However, what happens when you search for important information in your inbox? You will get hundreds of search results from which you will have to dig out what you need.

Yes, even though the email seems a very prolific thing, they will not be having a are the concrete impact if they are not properly managed and organized. Here are some ways which will help you reduce the email flood in your inbox and thus to manage email effectively.

Clean your Inbox, always

Always keep your inbox clean. Delete all unwanted emails as soon as you log in. When you login initially, there will be many emails expecting you. Moreover, most of them may be either promotional emails or announcement emails. There is no need of keeping them and finally ending up in a clogged inbox. Mark and delete them. When most of the unread emails are removed, you will feel freed, and your inbox will get a space to recuperate. Yes, now you have very few emails to handle, and you can joyfully start the day.

Respond to the emails with priority

The next best thing you can do is to answer to important emails. While responding, make sure that the ones who deserve an acknowledgment are being replied. This way, you can get out of the stress of non-replied emails and can move happily to your next works. The response will make the communication smoother. While responding, try to make sure that you hit the reply button instead of writing a new email. This will reduce the load of emails in your inbox and will make the process of email management easier. 

Clear email language is important than you think

When you send an email, keep the purpose of the email on the mind. Take out the core idea and create an email. This will help the end reader to understand what you are thinking, and finally, he can give you the expected reply. An unclear email will lead to a chain of clarification emails that will make your inbox messy and finally difficult to manage. This process will save you like a lot of time and efforts.

Attach and detach wisely

When you send emails, add attachments effectively. When there are situations when attachments can be evaded, if so just send the plain email. This will help the loading of the email easier and will not make the end user wait for the attachment. Attach them when they are profoundly required. Also for attachment downloads also, have a close look at the emails and download the attachments if and only if you feel that they are wanted.

Do not use – ‘send to all’ always

Whenever you send an email, send it to the targeted audiences only. When you use the send to all button, you will be receiving unwanted replies from all those who sees the email, and the important replies might he miss. Also, your outbox will also be a jumble such that you will find it difficult to find an email that has been sending for a purpose. Sending to the right person straight away will save your time and efforts.

Crisp and fresh subject lines can help you

Always use clear and well-defined subject lines in an email. This will make it easier for you to search that email in future. Also, this will help the end reader to understand the importance of the email even without opening the mail. This is a timesaver tip that is going to save you hours in reading and sending emails. In the email body also, make sure that you are not beating the bush. If you are writing about the fake tree, compose the subject line corresponding to that like faux trees or artificial trees. Write important points and make them bullet points if possible.

Do not send one line pleasantries

When you receive a birthday wish from your colleague through email, you can walk to your college's desk to tell a thank you. When you receive a thank you a message, they may not be expecting an answer from you. Always try to reduce the number of one in pleasantries. Send emails when they demand a reply. The rest of the diminutive bits can be sidestepped so that the clogging of email will not be there in the inbox of both the sender and receiver.

Group up the emails effectively

For the easier management, create folders and move your emails to the appropriate ones. Move them according to nature or the purpose. This will make you handle the inbox effectively and to handle emails more efficiently. Personal emails can be saved in a folder, and professional ones can be moved to another. Labeling the emails with different tags will make your task easier and productive. You can even mark important emails with any flags and can instantly use them when needed.

Have a copy with you

Whenever you send very important mails, do not forget to send a copy to all those who are involved. In certain circumstances, you can use the CC to your email id itself. This will make the things effective and will ensure that the end mail has reached all those who need to be in the loop. This is as important as not sending the emails to all. You can even take the printout of very important emails such that they will not be lost even when there is a technical crisis.