Techniques to Install Artificial Outdoor Plants & Trees

outdoor artificial plantsWith the exponential increase to include artificial plants and flowers and trees as the most presentable accessory in your decorative designs at home and commercial establishments, it is only apt that you get a bit of know how techniques how to install these items. Today, the variety of artificial plants is pretty extensive, and that is the reason most of you can get confused or damage a particular plant. Safety precaution is also taken care of now, as the artificial trees, plants and flowers come with fire retardant feature. So, keeping you and your surroundings safe all the time.

These days due to boom in online business most of the manufacturers have listed their products on dedicated websites, from where the customer can directly buy them. Most of the artificial plants, trees and topiaries when purchased from these sites, can be either potted or un-potted. For potted items, they are delivered in a weighted plastic pot, whereas un-potted items are shipped with a bare stem or bare trunk.

Vital techniques to install potted and un-potted plants :-

Un-potted plant installation steps

  • First, you need to measure the height of the trunk or the stem you want to be buried underground.
  • Next, you need to dig a hole that matches the size of the base of the trunk. For larger trees and topiary, dig a wider and deeper hole than their normal size.
  • To help the cement stand by the tree, cover it with a heavy gauge wire around the trunk area, and leave some inches of wire to stick out on either side of the trunk. Repeat it several times for better grip. And for smaller plants and flowers you can put a nail through the base of the stem.
  • Now mix the cement and pour it into the hole and install your tree or plant in the cement mixture, securing it in a place to dry fully.
  • After the basement dries up, you can add decorative grasses around the base of the plants to give them a more real look.

Potted plants and tree installation steps

  • The thing with potted plants is that you can choose to have them delivered to you either potted in a weighted base, or pot them yourself at home or office.
  • Artificial plants can be potted virtually in any type of container like a paper pot or nursery pot.
  • To install your plant, dig a hole almost the size of the pot that you want to install and place the pot into the ground. Make sure that it is a leveled and your plant or tree is vertically straight.
  • Now, cover the planter with dirt, and pack that dirt tightly around the base of your planter.
  • Add decorative or fake grass around the base of the outdoor plants to make them natural looking.

Installation steps for a decorative planter

  • Installing your artificial trees or plants in a decorative urn, pot or planter can be a great accessory around your front patio, entryway or near the pool of your home or business.
  • One of the easiest ways to install fire retardant artificial plants into a planter, is to pre-pot them in a weighted base. This will save your efforts to pour concrete into your decorative planter.
  • Ask any experienced landscape designer and he will surely tell you that simply inserting your plants into the dirt of a planter will not hold them upright for a long time. In fact, heavy winds and rain conditions can make them to topple over. If you have several plants being installed in a single container, put them in smaller pots to be used as a support to each other in the planter.
  • Once the installation is complete, you can surround the plastic containers with gravel to secure it into the planter. Professional landscapers like to pour gravel into the planter first, then pour dirt into the gravel, so that the pot is securely held into the place. Add decorative moss around the base to give it a natural look.