The Artful Guide to Make Room Partitions the Superstar of Your Space

The Artful Guide To Make Room Partitions The Superstar Of Your SpaceLarge rooms can feel cozier especially when they are separated into smaller spaces with room dividers. Room dividers can define spaces, assist direct foot traffic, create a sense of privacy and hide unattractive areas. There are not only a vast range of decorative room dividers available to suit approximately any decor, but there are also many mixed types of different housing functions in the home. You can buy them in various sizes and shapes to add a point of interest in your home. They usually come in three or four-panel screens to suit the multiple needs of the individuals. Mentioned below are some of the ways to partition a room.

Glass partition

Houses with master bathroom and the adjacent sitting room can be divided using glass partitions. These partitions help to separate the two areas physically but not visually.

Paneled room dividers

These room dividers can be used as headboards to create a cost-effective focal point that can be easily replaced when you change the decor. A self-supporting divider that is positioned behind your bed can add texture, color, and drama to your bedroom. You can secure them to the wall behind your bed for a more permanent look. Decorative, carved wooden headboards offer a beautiful, stylish look, while fabric-covered panels impart a softer, more informal ambiance.

Artificial tree branches

The artificial trees and fake jungle vines can be used as partitions to create a creative and beautiful solution to the room divider. These vines climb up ropes to form an indoor jungle that separates spaces. By using the artificial decorative tree branches, one can stay hassle-free as they do not need to take care of these plants or trim them.

Rug or Tapestry Divider

One of the best ways to divide rooms is to utilize area rugs to name the spaces. You can place the rug or choose two diverse ones that harmonize in color, design or both. For case, you could select the same patterned rug, but in different colors. If you prefer various patterns, then choose rugs with the same colors.

Mirrored room divider

Place a translucent, portable room divider in front of bare windows to offer limited privacy, while enabling natural light to pass through into a room. Also, you can also place an enunciation table topped with a lamp in front of a mirrored room divider. This makes the optical delusion of a larger space with a glossy effect.

Permanent divider

Construct a lasting divider by building a knee wall with inbuilt shelves. Add posts or columns from the crown of the knee wall to the ceiling to create the sense of a huge wall without covering the space. Hang an extra-large, metal sculpture or a two-sided piece of artwork from the ceiling to separate a room with an artistic flair.

Vertical & horizontal wood slats

The vertical wood slats can be used to separate the drawing room from the adjacent room. These wood slats can help in defining space while at the same time will help the sunlight to pass through. On the other hand, horizontal wood slats offer an ideal spot for hanging the television while softly covering the closet.

Massive bookshelf

Using an enormous bookshelf to split a room is a great practical use of space. The more books you collect, the more separate things get.

Beaded Curtain Dividers

One of the best room dividers is to mount beaded curtains. A vast variety of materials and styles are available there which include bamboo, acrylic, PVC, crystal, fabric, wood, metal chain to name a few.


Columns are another way to split and classify spaces. There are several types of columns available that can be easily installed to create a stunning area. If you may prefer a more vivid effect, you can go with beaded columns.

Filtering light

A latticed wooden partition works perfectly in a room that has too much sunlight. The screen assists in managing the glare and filtering the light.

Wooden partition with shelves

A wooden divider with open shelves and straight lines, not only serves the function of defining the area from the dining room but also presents extra space for storing books and accessories.

Two Partitions

This modern living room has two partitions one with rounded ends that duals up as a layer for displaying artifacts, while the other is an even screen-like partition that offers privacy in the dining area.


This type of partition can help to create the cozy feel, and at the same time, it offers privacy as well. The smart and sharp angles of the wooden partition enhance that look and feel of the space.


Even though pillars are usually used to make a house structurally sound, a row of pillars can help in separating the rooms.

Decorative Partitions

A patterned wood divider adds a sense of privacy with a bit of glamour to a large room. They can be used to divide the living room from the dining room.

Divider in the bedroom

Bedrooms are private spaces. The slim partition at the door obstructs complete views of the bed in case of the open door. The utilization of a lighter color of wood ensures that the partition mixes with the rest of the décor. In a large bedroom that has a detached seating area, a separation helps to divide the asleep quarters from the rest of the space — the design guarantees that seating area to gets the natural light getting in through the window.


As you can see, there are a number of creative ways to divide rooms without the expenditure of constructing a permanent wall. Whether you are planning to invest in the dividers as mentioned earlier or something more beautiful such as beads curtain divider or a unique wall divider design you can refer to the leading room divider manufacturing companies. They usually come with a vast range of products which will enable you to choose the best one.