The Basics of Beautifying Your Patios Like a Pro

The Basics Of Beautifying Your Patios Like A Pro 2Sitting in the confines of the four walls of a room or the boundaries of your home all the time is something which is not acceptable to almost everyone. You need to step out of your room and your house to get some fresh air or sit out. In case you live in an apartment, you can step into the balconies or terraces. If you live in an independent bungalow, you can step out into the lawns or the backyard. Independent homes also have the luxury of a patio.

If you have a patio, get going and beautify it. Make it your retreat and personal space for outdoor evenings. Enjoy the richness along with the convenience of just stepping out of the home into an open area with no distance to travel and no time to waste.

Space Management:

Not all homes will offer unlimited or large open spaces for a patio. You have to make the best out of the space you have. Keep it clutter free with enough space to stroll about in. Sometimes, you may entertain guests, so all the more reason to have open space. Keep some area for a fireplace. The patio could also have a serving counter if you want to eat your evening meals or the desert outside. You may also need some space to wheel in a food trolley for this open-air dining out experience.

Largely, keep the central part of the patio either completely vacant or fix it with a mid-table or fireplace depending upon the kind of climate you live in. Place wooden, steel, or brass planters at the corners with lots of fake trees.

Lights and Lightings:

Keep the lights on the patio to be minimum and soft. The patio does not need bright lights for many reasons like:

•    Bright lights will attract insects like mosquitoes, flies, moths, etc. not into the patio alone, but the house as well. This will disturb your pleasure moments of relaxation on the terrace and defeat the whole purpose of having one.

•    Such light will hurt the eyes and again beat the use of relaxing outside.

•    Bright lights will take away the privacy from other houses nearby as it will highlight all you do and attract the attention of passersby, neighbors, and other unwanted elements.

•    Lights which shine brightly outside on the patio will penetrate your home inside. These may shine through the drapes and blinds which you may have hung on doors and windows and disturb your sleep.

•    For your better relaxation and connect with the environment, it is better to have soft, low, and minimal lighting on the patio so that you can admire the twinkling stars in the sky. Bright lights will take away their natural beauty and glow.

The great idea is to highlight the areas around the patio so that only a soft glow lights up your patio and also adds to its beauty thereby. Illuminated hedges, plants, and other trees look beautiful. For this, you can use even colored lights like airy lights, string-led bulbs, etc.


The patio is usually a private space away from visitors and strangers. It’s your area where you would like your family to gather after meals or sit for some rest after the hustle and bustle like daily living. Keep the seats to the minimum. Have loungers or comfortable weather friendly sofas to sit back or lay back and relax. Hang a hammock if you have space. Read a book while relaxing on it.

To solve the problem of seating for a social gathering, try to have some fixed seats and some movable seats which you can play around with as and when needed. You may even have a fake tree trunk or a few fake tree stumps as stools, tables, or even seating. If you like, place some planters or lamps on these trunks and stumps.


Even though your patio may overlook a beautiful garden or lawns, you will enjoy it more if the overlooking area is beautified with some landscaping. It could be a small little waterfall, a collection of rockery and pebbles, a tiled or stoned pathway leading into the lawn, etc. Highlight the landscaping with beautiful lights.

For the lawn outside you can try some artificial prairie grass or fake mondo grass. You could even lay this artificial grass on the patio itself under the seats. This grass is clean, comfortable to maintain and fire retardant too. It will give you the feel of sitting on the lush green lawns in case your patio leads into the backyard. Their plants no  overlooking the place, try some of the following for that connection with greenery and nature:

•    Artificial palm trees

•    Artificial cherry blossom tree

•    Fake corn stalks

•    Commercial silk trees

Fix a hedge at the far end. You can use a fake plant wall for this. Even if you don’t have a far end wall in the lawn, you may have a far end wall in the patio itself. This artificial plant wall will look beautiful in it. You could even hang mini planters of various shapes and sizes or use waste items to keep your plants in them.

All these artificial plants will save you the bother of watering, weeding, manuring, and pruning. You can choose the height, variety, and color of plants and flowers. These look as realistic as the real ones as well; and are much easier to maintain and cost effective in the long run.

Furniture Accessories:

Apart from the seating arrangement, you may think of having some other furniture accessories like a bar, a storage cabinet, a mini library, etc. Use tall tree stumps for your bar stools. Use wood and other ordinary materials to make some built-in storage spaces. You can have pulled out drawers resting on channels or some open shelves or simply closed shelves. There are also options for having a small dining table for the family meals. It could be a folding one.

Added to this beautiful scenery, make some arrangements to play some soft music in the background. Enjoy your beautiful patio. You may even need to spend the night there!