The Best of Style and Substance – Fire Retardant Faux Foliage from ThermaLeaf®

Artificial FoliageGoing green is the present day theme to decorate the urban commercial places that are concrete cages. People feel happy and relaxed at the sight of greenery. This is normal human behavior. Greenery influences us psychologically. It creates a positive vibe, and people turn to be more productive. But, growing greens in your commercial complex is not always feasible for the pitfalls they have. Because they are live plants, they demand constant care and attention to deliver their shining appearance. 

Lush green exteriors make a commercial place attractive to all. If you have a classy outdoor landscape, people will find folk around your professional space, and when they see the beauty of your indoor after stepping in, they become loyal to your brand and you are assured of large business volume. Although live plants can add sparkle to any commercial space, they are not always considered for the associated hassles. This paved the way for the artificial trees and plants to take over. ThermaLeaf® has a wide range of lifelike landscaping elements for different settings and applications. Here is all you require to know about their products.

These fit almost all commercial spaces

ThermaLeaf® fire retardant artificial trees, plants and artificial foliage can be used for any business places. Whether it is a Luxury hotel lobby, posh restaurant lounge, large corporate house, exhibition halls, urban shopping malls, government building, exotic open-air bar, casino, theme park, amusement park or Water Park; these can be installed for revamping the outdoor and indoor landscapes of the places. These also work great for hospitals. Patients feel better when they see something green by their bedside.

Variants are the strength of ThermaLeaf® product

To cater the needs of the landscaping professionals, ThermaLeaf® manufactures five categories of fire retardant fake botanical products such as fire retardant artificial trees, fire resistant silk plants, fire retardant silk topiaries, palms, and foliage. Among each of the broad classification, you can get many varieties like:

  • Trees: Bonsai Trees, Pine Trees, Custom Trees, Tropical Trees, Large Trees, Fake Fall Trees, Preserved Trees, Bamboo Trees, and Ficus Trees.
  • Plants: Hanging Plants, Custom Plants, Grasses, Flowering Plants, Vines, Cactus & Succulents, and Bushes.
  • Topiaries: Topiary Cones, Topiary Balls, Topiary Spirals, Ivy Topiary, Boxwood Topiary, Topiary Plants, and Topiary Trees.
  • Palms: Coconut Palm, Areca Palm, Preserved Fan Palm, Preserved Date Palm, Kentia Palm, Large Palm Trees, Preserved Palm Tree, and Many Large Artificial Palm Leaves.
  • Foliage: Includes Artificial Moss Roll, Fake Moss Carpet, Stems & Picks, Flowers, Ivy Mat, Faux Boxwood Mat, Hanging Bushes, Leaves & Branches, Garlands, and Greenery.

These are ideal for landscaping professionals as they have more options to consider. One can get the full catalog upon making the request.

These can deceive the most experienced eye

All ThermaLeaf® artificial landscaping products are made from premium quality raw materials. These are the results of the joint effort of their team of experts including botanists, designers, engineers and landscaping professionals. These unbelievably replicate the natural counterparts, and the visitors to your commercial setting will take those to be real as none can distinguish them without touching by hand.

Magic of ThermaLeaf® faux foliage

Landscaping projects reach the pinnacle when you play with your imagination and decorate your space creatively. With their ultra-natural looks, ThermaLeaf® fire retardant artificial landscaping items can add mesmerizing charm to your commercial space. There are wide varieties of products, and you can match different items for bringing in a chunk of nature in your commercial setting. No matter if you are using these for your commercial indoors or outdoors, they will create a magical ambiance.

Can tolerate heat, cold, snow and storm

All ThermaLeaf® products including the fire safe artificial vines are manufactured from weather-able polyester foliage fixed with strong structures. Thus, they can withstand all weather conditions. Place them in the outdoors, and they will never show any discoloration due to harsh effect of the scorching sun rays. Nor they will get damaged due to rains, snowfall, and hailstorm. These can also withstand stormy wind.

Using these you are sure about fire safety

There is an obvious apprehension about using the imitation green for commercial landscaping, as these are made from plastic material. Some of the past incidents also added to this fear. But, with ThermaLeaf® products, you are relieved from such worry. ThermaLeaf® artificial products are made internally safe from fire. Special fire retardant chemicals are impregnated into the foliage to make them safe against fire breakouts. In fact, these have self-extinguishing properties, and for that reason, do not help spread the fire. Moreover, these pass all fire tests and meet the legal requirements.

Maximum decoration with minimum maintenance

ThermaLeaf® replicated greens can be used for different applications. These do not require any sunlight, and so, you can place them in the darkest corner and even in underground rooms without a problem. Unlike the live plants, these do not die, and so, they do not need watering, fertilizing and other maintenance activities. These offer easy cleaning and need replacement only when you decide to use another type. Their amazing charms can adorn your place and make the place cozy and comfy like their natural counterparts minus the maintenance hassles.

Helps create a vertical garden

Space constraint is predominant in the modern commercial complexes. Maybe you have one without a lawn, and still, want to bring in some natural vibe into your commercial setting. This is possible with ThermaLeaf® products. You can decorate the place with bonsai trees, cactus & succulents, bushes, palm leaves for the lush green environment. By installing hanging bushes, hanging plants on the outer windows of top floors of a corporate tower and covering walls with fake moss mats you can build a beautiful vertical garden.

Keeps bugs away

This is a great advantage of faux landscaping elements. These never attract mosquitoes, and other insects nor are the ants attracted to these. So, you can place them anywhere you like without any worry of insect attacks.