The Forgotten Art Of Setting Up Elaborate Dinner Tables Revived – Read On

PlantsNowadays very few people make the efforts of setting up their dining tables elaborately and beautifully. Maximum people live such busy lives that they simply toss a meal into the microwave for reheating and eat right out of the container. However, if you're looking out for ideas to set up your dining table in an elaborate and fancy manner for guests who are visiting, we have a wide list of tips and suggestions that you can use. Here's everything you need to know:

Use Candleholders And Candles On The Dining Table

Candles are decorative items that are evergreen, and they always look classy. If you want your dining table to look very upscale and elegant, placing tall candles in a gorgeous candleholder is a great and effective way to do so. You can opt for gorgeous silver candleholders, or even beautifully and intricately engraved brass or copper candleholders. Opt for pure white candles if you want the dining table to look outstanding and luxurious.

Place Flower Arrangements As A Centrepiece

Flowers always look gorgeous and enhance the character of any space. A great way to make your dining table look more elaborate and stunning is by placing breathtaking flower arrangements in a vase as the centerpiece. You can opt for crystal or glass vases for your dining table. When selecting a vase to make sure that the vase isn't too tall and it doesn't end up obstructing the view when people who are sitting facing each other are speaking. You can ask your local florist to provide you fresh and beautifully scented flowers that can be replaced every few days.

Select Fancy And Stunning Dinner Sets

Another thing that plays a very significant role in making your dining table look elaborate and fancy is the dinner set. You need to choose fancy dinner plates, uniquely and sleekly designed glasses and well-polished cutlery. If you have guests visiting your home, opt for your most beautiful and expensive china. You can select plates with beautiful gold borders, ceramic plates, silver cutlery and more. If you haven't used your silver cutlery for a long time, it is advisable that you take it out beforehand and have it polished by your local jeweler. Silver when not in use can get tarnished and oxidized.

Use Placemats And Coasters At Your Dining Table

Placemats and coasters may seem like trivial objects, but in reality, they play a very important role in making your dining table look elaborate. If you don't have a set of placemats, head out to your local store and find some that match the décor of your dining room and also blend with your dining table. You can even opt for handmade placemats like macramé placemats, crocheted placemats and coasters and more. If you're looking out for a more eco-friendly placemat option, you can get beautiful hemp or jute placemats that are environmentally friendly yet extremely elegant and unique in their ways.

Change The Lighting In Your Dining Table Area

Another great way to make your dining table look fancy and show-stopping are by changing the lighting in the area. Get rid of those tube lights and lights with protruding and ugly bulbs. Replace all your old light structures with new age or class options. You can select chandeliers, wall lamps, rope lights, hanging lights and other such light options for your dining room. Not only do these options look fantastic in residential places but they can be used in commercial setups like restaurants, coffee shops, lounges and other eateries.

Decorate The Dining Area With Faux Plants And Trees

If you love nature and want to give your dining table and dining area a very natural vibe and feel, you can do so by installing faux plants and artificial trees in the space. There are tons of options available online in the faux plants' segment. A lot of these artificial landscaping products are also fire-resistant and safe to install in your home. You can place some of the smaller plants on the dining table itself and the larger plants and trees around the dining room. These faux plants look extremely lifelike and realistic. They have lush green leaves that leave onlookers amazed.

Opt For An Antique Or Sleekly Designed Dining Table

Most people don't pay much care to the design and style of a dining table when making a purchase. People only look at a dining table as a utilitarian item and never really come around to understanding how the sleekness and charm of a dining table can add to the elaborateness of the space. If you have an old and bulky dining table, change it to something sleek, uniquely designed and contemporary. You can sell off your old dining table in the secondhand market and reinvest those funds in a new dining table. You may also get some interesting dining table options from local artisans who handmade furniture.

Purchase Sturdy Yet Comfortable And Visually Pleasing Chairs

If you want your dining table to look fabulous, the chairs that you opt for should be sturdy and comfortable yet visually pleasing and smartly designed. Chairs that look good and attractive play a very important role in making your dining table look fancy and elaborate. You can choose wooden chairs with cushions, metal chairs and so on.

Making your dining table look fancy and elaborate is very easy. You won't even need to spend absurd sums of money to get that classy, upscale vibe. A few basic nips and tucks and a handful of decorative additions and your dining table can look like one that's been taken out from an interior décor magazine.