The Irresistible Charms of Artificial Foliage at Your Corporate Offices

Artificial FoliageAll corporate houses need to present their business in the most befitting manner. This includes everything from good architecture to decorating.  A commercial place includes both outdoors and indoors, and none can ignore decoration of these areas while revamping a commercial space that will speak about its quality and class. Landscaping is essential if you wish to make your corporate office charming and captivating.  Introducing a piece of nature in the commercial outdoor helps to give a facelift to the surroundings. There is no doubt that introducing live plants is the best option for adding charm and positive vibes to the ambiance. But, this has many hassles. To keep the plants healthy, those need to be taken care of regularly.

No matter if you are the owner of a prime commercial space or an architect involved in the construction of business places; you would love to adorn the business setting with natural elements. Considering the ThermaLeaf® artificial foliage is the most realistic solution for the decoration requirements. Whether it is a large corporate house, luxury resort, shopping mall, amusement park, posh hotels & restaurants, introducing ThermaLeaf® custom artificial trees to the outdoor and indoor landscape helps to make the corporate landscape aesthetically pleasant. Pulling these to you corporate landscape, you can turn a dull and drab environment to a mesmerizing one.

Faux foliage makes landscaping easy

These are mirror images of the natural versions, without life and hence no bugs, etc. Available in many styles, these are the best for outdoor and indoor corporate landscape. Based on the requirement, you can get a plant, tree, or foliage for revamping your commercial setting. These are available in different sizes and can easily fit into any space. These are so lifelike that you can blend faux foliage with live plants to showcase the beauty of the commercial property.

ThermaLeaf® products have many positives

The ThermaLeaf® brand of artificial foliage by Commercial Silk is the safest landscaping solution. These are manufactured through a unique process that involves impregnation of the fire retardant chemicals into the replicated foliage. As the chemicals are intimately blended with the raw materials, there is no chance of the chemical washing off, as happens in the case of products made by spraying chemicals making ThermaLeaf® products the safest beautiful foliage. Moreover, this premium grade foliage passes all standard fire safety and toxicity tests and conforms to the local safety requirements. 

You can choose from a broad variety of products

ThermaLeaf® has a varied product list to meet the different needs of the customers. These include custom artificial trees, plants, topiaries, palms, and foliage.  These can be used for both exterior and interior landscaping. Considering the various needs of the corporate landscapes, ThermaLeaf® foliage has many varieties like:

  • Artificial Moss in sheets and mats with amazing texture and color for adding a wow factor to your corporate landscape.
  • Stems & Picks for livening up the interior space especially the welcoming area. This charming product adds depth and a touch of realism to your interior.
  • Flowers in vibrant colors for making everyone cheerful removing negativity from the ambiance.
  • Ivy Mats for masking what you do not your visitors to see. Creatively designed these make a bold statement for making privacy screens.
  • Boxwood Mats for defining spaces and pathways or can be used as the focal point in interior decoration. 

You can be creative and imaginative

Being imaginative is essential for any landscaping option. Whether it is a theme park, luxury restaurant, shopping mall, large corporate complex, your landscaping choices should be in harmony with nature.  Since creativity has no limits, you may decorate the lawns and portico with the fake moss carpet. This will make an excellent first impression for those who step into your commercial space. In case it is a resort or amusement park, you have the latitude to use fake moss carpet all over. You can enliven the reception desk, conference room and other indoor spaces with custom artificial trees to give a boom to your commercial space.

Reasons for using mimic foliage

Lifelike foliage such as faux trees & plants, fake moss carpet, and other replicated greeneries have many uses and associated benefits.

  • These are botanically correct: Replicated foliage is made exactly same as their natural version in all respects and, therefore, creates a natural environment. It is hard to differentiate without feeling by hand.  
  • Can withstand extreme weather conditions: Being made from high-quality material, these are very strong and sturdy, and remain unaffected by the change in climatic conditions.
  • These are the safest decor element: Being absolutely fire retardant and conforming to the local safety laws, the ThermaLeaf® fake foliage is the safest landscaping option.
  • Premium Quality: The plastic materials used for manufacturing ThermaLeaf® mimic foliage is of high quality and passes all fire and toxicity tests.
  • Requires no sunshine: Being artificial, these are not dependent on sun rays and, therefore, can be used in dimly lit interiors.
  • Easy to maintain: These require no watering, fertilization, pesticide spraying, pruning, etc. Whether you use lifelike foliage for outdoor or indoor landscaping, periodic removal of dust is enough to keep their shine.
  • Add instant sophistication to space: Whether used for indoor or outdoor decoration, the lifelike foliage makes the environment classy and stylish in a moment with their lush green feel radiating warmth and comfort.
  • Installation is easy: Faux plants, trees, and foliage are very easy to install into any corporate landscape.  Coming in standard sizes, one can assemble these easily.
  • Shuffling is possible: Since these come in standard pots or bases, the lifelike foliage can be rotated between places for a change in the landscape.
  • These are durable: ThermaLeaf® faux foliage has a long life. Once you include them in your corporate landscape, they stay there for many years.