The Latest Tips, Tricks, and Trends from Office Landscaping World

The Latest Tips Tricks And Trends From Office Landscaping WorldLady Luck is smiling upon you if you work in an office which has some open area around the building. It is rare and difficult to find space other than the square foot that your office building stands upon.

And then there are cases where interior space can house only the employee workstations. There is no space to do anything additional there.

The Need to Landscape the Office

But in both cases, if you have space to play around with, then the best thing to do is to landscape it. It could be the interiors or the exteriors. This:

•    Enhances the beauty of the office

•    Keeps it neat and clean

•    Pleases and motivates the employees to work harder

    Gives an unwritten signal to the employees to keep their workstations well maintained

•    Invites employees to take their breaks in the garden walking around

•    Creates a great impression on clients

•    Attracts more business in the bargain

The look and feel of the office are essential. Visitors always glance around the place and any landscaping before approaching the reception or you for work. The great decoration shows sophistication and luxury.

Tips, Tricks, and Trends

It’s not only the homes but the offices too which are creating landscapes for fun and outdoor living. The main trends of office landscapes are listed below.

1.   These are being designed keeping in mind that they can be used year after year on a long-term basis. Re-landscaping is an expensive proposition.

2.   People stay in mind that the least possible time, effort, and money should go into the maintenance of any landscaped area. So, it’s a long thought out process which involves planning and design of the landscape keeping in mind the cost-effectiveness and long-term maintenance.

3.    Landscapes should be multi-functional to cater to work, play, relax and unwind.

4.    The landscape that you create should be weather resistant and withstand all seasons. So, choose your plants carefully. It’s best to go in for artificial foliage. Fix canopies, planters, and flooring too for all weather.

5.   Landscapes should be the environment and particularly water conserving.  Use smart irrigation methods for your gardens and plants.  Similarly, use eco-friendly machinery for maintenance and use.

6.    Color them up! Landscapes use a variety of colors to bring in vibrancy and beauty.

7.    They have patterns: stripes, dots, geometric and many more.

Ideas and Themes

A beautiful theme based landscape attracts all visitors. There are many ideas for such items for office landscaping to choose from:

•    A colonial oasis for a combination of culture and civilization

•    Cultures of countries that you work with

•    Animal Kingdom

•    Rockeries

•    Water Musical Fountains

•    Boxwood Topiary Corner

•    Creating Terrariums

•    Geometric Shapes

•    Aquatic Parks

•    Festive Looks

•    Fog Dispensers on Water Fountains

•    Collaborative seating

•    Health Corners

•    Reading Corners

Areas of Office Landscaping

Landscaping can be done in all the following areas:

•    Boundary

Every property needs a boundary wall or fencing. The office to needs it. You can create landscapes at the boundaries with as simple a thing as an artificial ivy wall or fake hedge panels.

•    Garden

The office garden needs to be landscaped, that’s all there is to say. It is the thing to do. But remember to put it simple also elegant for grace and beauty. The lawns should be lush green and mowed regularly for a trim appearance. You could have steps and rows of seasonal flowers. Do them up in single colors or multi colors. Try placing lots of boxwood topiary at some corner and highlight it with lights.

Encourage your employees towards health and fitness. Create a walking track, a jogging track, or even a cycling track. Keep a part of the garden for this. You could also have an open-air gym with some necessary equipment. The landscape in this area with fitness flex boards or topiary in the shape of fitness equipment. The younger generation will love this. Have speakers fitted for soft music too?

•    Entrance

Create beautiful landscaping at the entrance gate. It will awe almost everyone. Take care not to obstruct the passage or narrow down the gateway or door. Have a collection of lights and create your company’s insignia. Place a faux boxwood mat at the doorway.

•    Reception and Foyer

A meeting gone long overboard can be painful for the visitor waiting in the waiting area of an office. Make him sit in a pleasing environment, and he won’t complain about it. So, landscape and decorate the reception, foyer or lobby, whatever you may call it. The latest way is to create and place Terrariums on reception or coffee tables. You can put some faux foliage like ferns in them. Create them in decorative containers. Create an extended landscape by adding some display lights, an aura with fog dispensers, etc.

•    Work Stations

More and more offices are shifting from traditional cubicle offices to open and collaborative spaces. Innovative and creative ideas have no boundaries. Employees want to sit in beautiful looking offices. They feel happier coming to the office if it is as well landscaped as the exterior of the office or the reception outside.

•    Nature

Another significant trend in office landscaping is to use artificial foliage like:

    Fake bamboo trees

    Artificial silk trees

    Artificial Japanese maple tree

    Artificial moss roll

    Outdoor artificial hanging ferns

These foliages add to the beauty and save your money too. Being as good as real to look at, these plants need no maintenance other than simple washing from time to time. There is no need to water them, remove weeds, add manure, or spray with insecticides. They have bright colors which last very long and don’t fade away. They are also durable and don’t shed their leaves or wither away.

•    Accessories

There are a large number and variety of accessories available in the markets today. Just scout around and pick up items for landscaping our office. Bird feeders, seashore pebbles, wall planters, topiary, etc are trendy and pretty to look at.

The key to a contemporary landscape lies in innovation and out of the box thinking. Be bold, be imaginative, be unorthodox in your designs and you will surely come up with envious office spaces and happy employees. And happy employees mean more productivity for you!