The Living Area De-Cluttering Guide Everyone Needs to Read

FlowersThe human brain can take in as much information as possible. But, when overloaded with thoughts, emotions, and worries, the brain sends out messages of stress and burden. And you then apply strategies to de-clutter the brain and be stress-free. The sight of faux flowers and silk plants around you lift your mood and take away your stresses and worries.

The need to de-clutter your living room

Similarly, imagine a space in the house full of artificial indoor trees, where all the family members come together for a relaxed and cozy time. The artificial floral arrangements invite them to unwind and distress after a hard day's work. This is also the room where you invite your guests to share your happiness and growth. Thus, it's important to have this place, the living area, to be clutter free; otherwise, the whole purpose of the family or guests coming together goes waste.

Since it may be the room most frequented by family and friends, it will also have the maximum items which each person places here for convenience and leisure. With the passage of time, the living room becomes like a mini storeroom of the house which needs more cleaning up and organizing than most other rooms in your house.

Your living room has to look clean, beautiful, and open and inviting. You need to de-clutter the room and create space for happy moments and memories to creep in. Simple and smart management of space, along with beautiful decorations with safe to use artificial plants and trees and artificial flower arrangements will help to achieve your aim.

Here is how you can do it.

Some tips to de-clutter your living room

The first thing to do is critically look at the living room and see what items need to be immediately thrown out from there as well as from the house itself. Discard items which no attract you or are of no more use to you. Keep only what's useful and pretty like artificial flowers and happy, precious memories. Replace them with smart storages and beautiful things.

Look and feel:

When you walk into the living room, it should bring a glow to your face with its look and feel. Pastel shades on the walls, with just a hint of artificial floral arrangements, will make it look elegant and de-cluttered.


Place comfortable and inviting sofas, a bean bag, a rocking chair enough to seat your family and a few guests along with a coffee table, which has drawers to store up, and just a couple of side tables if the room size allows. Don't use up extra space by placing extra furniture, instead place a planter with the choicest of artificial topiary trees to beautify. You won't feel the need to add anything more.


The tapestry in the room should be floral, plain, or geometrical depending upon your likes. Hang just a line of artificial succulents from one of the windows to add grace and life to the room. You can even use simple and prettily designed window blinds which don't make the room look bulky.

Storage and cabinets:

Place useful cabinets or wall units which will store your precious books, albums, personal possessions, as well as stationery items and other odd items we normally leave lying around to clutter up the free space. Make sure that this storage unit has doors on the shelves to make it hide the things inside. A simple artificial silk plant in one of the open shelves is enough to add color to it and beautify the place. A magazine holder in a corner along with an evergreen faux silk tree organizes your reading material and adds beauty to the room.

Organize all papers, files, and other useful materials into the wall units. Segregate them into categories and place them accordingly into the drawers and closet shelves.


The living room should be decorated with objects of beauty and curios that are your personal and give you pleasure too. But, to avoid cluttering up, paintings and family photographs can be hung on the walls along with simple and elegant artificial floral arrangements which are easy to clean and maintain. This won't clutter up the living room as just a vase or two will bring in brightness into the room. And these faux plants will also not attract insects and mosquitoes into your private space.

Nature indoors:

The living room should look beautiful with artificial plants and trees which add to the décor and beauty of the place. Some planters with safe fake trees and faux plants like the artificial succulents and the fake palm trees can give volumes to the room as well as add to bring in a touch of nature indoors. A touch of a couple of fake flower arrangements on the coffee table or a wooden corner in the room or even on top of the cabinets can bring you closer to nature without worrying about watering, weeding,  manuring, and pruning the artificial palm trees or the silk plants that you have placed there.

Place safe artificial foliage which is safe and looks as grand as the real one in your living room. You may not feel the necessity to add unnecessary items there as just a few artificial plants and trees and artificial floral arrangements will send you strong signals of de-stressing you and also refrain you from cluttering up the living room.

Purchase bulk artificial flowers and artificial flowers on wholesale. Mix and match them with your décor. These will turn out to be cheaper than the real ones. The color, shine, and gleam of these faux plants don't fade away. They stay with you as much as the lovely memories you will add in the clutter-free living room in your house.

Keep it simple, keep it clutter free, and enjoy the time you spend there.