The Modern Office Is Changing Its Look and Feel - Here's How

HedgeYour office space is no more just a place for your employees to fulfill their duties and meet clients, it's so much more. The place you dedicate your time to every day should look and feel enough welcoming for clients, employees and yourself. This doesn't necessarily mean your office space needs to be decked with abstract word art, loud images, symbols with mod vibrant colored walls. Here's what you need to do, to keep up with the modern trend of office décor while keeping in line with your business motto.

Go back to the lab

First and foremost you need to figure out what your preconceived idea of your business or organization is. Is it an artistic space, that demands more creative visuals or a strict law firm? According to that, you can bring in new changes to modernize your office.

The idea behind open space

Once you have decided on what message your office space must send out you need to rethink the area before refurbishing anything at all. Open spaces are very much in trend these days for employees to connect better with their leaders. Now open space doesn't necessarily mean a huge hall with desks that look like a library. It can easily be bordered into various sections with the help of customized wall panels or stencils. These make sure that while the entire space is open, you can have a certain part dedicated to a private office to deal with employees or clients separately.

Using wall panels to create more room

Sounds contradictory, doesn't it? Continuing with the idea of open space and wall panels as mentioned above, you can create something way more relevant that suits introverts and extroverts. While your extrovert employees and clients can speak their mind and share ideas with the use of open space, it might be a huge turnoff for the introverts. To keep a certain boundary from where you can sit, observe, help out while being in an open space, wall panels are your friend. With the use of wall panels, you can create an individual space for you to mind your business in on the same floor like the others. This helps everybody to reach out to you whenever required without the overwhelming feeling of working with the boss around.

Let's go outside

What's the first thing that people see when they come to your office or commercial space? The big shiny firm tags, the fences, and office gardens. These are things that are a very common sight at every office. So how do you set yours apart? Let's talk about the tags first, as in the name of your venture or firm. You can now have faux plant tags that are completely customized, fire resistant and won't wear out easily. These look way modern than the random ones etched in shiny metal. If you are not that keen on hanging a green corporation sign, consider stonework. This is another way to add the modern zest to your corporation tag, that visitors and onlookers get a glimpse of, everytime they pass by.

Go green with the bordering

Every commercial space draws a line with concrete walls or something close to that. You can have our exterior setup completely revamped with hedges or concrete planters in case you wish to add in a little concrete while drawing the borders of your space. Hedges like boxwood work amazingly well when it comes to this. But wait? Wouldn't that cost you for maintenance for the sharp trimmed lines and fertilizing, a lot of effort right? No, when you get faux plants, this is one thing you need to check off your list. There is no maintenance cost, they won't grow or wear out, so you need not drop a sweat or penny over maintenance.

Garden Gnomes? No, Thank you!

When we say you need to loosen up and add a bit more funk to your office garden or relaxation area, we don't mean gnomes or a dove fountain. But what about the holiday seasons? Don't you need to dress it up for that? Once again faux plants are here, to your rescue. Companies like ThermaLeaf® produce tons of artificial plants like pine trees, white oaks and many other custom trees that look exactly like their real-life counterparts while costing you nothing over maintenance. These look extremely real and are treated with UV protection, fire retardant technology to avoid any damage whatsoever. When the holiday seasons are around just some fairy lights in and around these large green trees, would be the perfect setting you need.

Back to Stoneage

Stone and modern décor go hand in hand when it comes to exterior landscaping. Stoneworks like benches stand tables; chic fountains can completely revamp the look in your office gardens. You can have customized pieces installed to get that authentic look, which every modernized office deserves. Plus it is nice when employees and customers find themselves comfortable just by looking at a welcoming space for them to have a casual conversation. This would make your garden more like an alfresco relaxation lounge where your employees and visitors can wind down when tired.

No more dull lawns for you

Worn out lawns are extremely unappealing to look at. When you have clients and staff come over every day throughout the year to a place which lacks upkeep it is highly demotivating. Now you don't need gardeners to come in every week and work on the maintenance. All you need are faux garden mats to do the work for you. Go for Ivy mats or any other grass of your choice and watch your office garden space have a complete green makeover.