The Most Remarkable Features that Make ThermaLeaf®'s Products Special

PalmAre you considering artificial plants outdoor for your commercial or residential space? Upon exploration of various faux landscaping solutions, you will find a long list of providers everyone claiming the best foliage for your landscaping requirement. But among all such providers, a few are known for supplying reliable products. ThermaLeaf® is one of those reliable brands that one can trust while purchasing the artificial landscaping solutions. ThermaLeaf® is a trademark brand of artificial foliage by Commercial Silk Int'l that offers safest and highest standard products to landscape lovers around the country. If you are planning to establish a realistic and safe landscape at the same time, it is crucial for you to consider choosing various ThermaLeaf® landscaping products from their huge catalog.

An Introduction to ThermaLeaf® Foliage

The ThermaLeaf® foliage is designed through the procedure in which various fire retardant chemicals are infused during the manufacturing process into the material. These effective fire retardant chemicals are blended with PVC or plastic parts and the fabric when materials are injected into the mold. This whole manufacturing process creates the most secure, safest and fire retardant landscaping solutions than other plastic plants for garden available in the market.

Difference Between Other Fire Retardant Plants and ThermaLeaf®

The ordinary artificial plants available in the market that claim to be fire retardant usually follow the manufacturing procedure in which foliage is treated by dipping or spraying the fire retardant chemical solutions. It means that for all other plants, topical treatment of fire retarding is completed as an aftermarket application which is not much effective. As this procedure results in a discolored and spotty film that further degrades the foliage. This is not what ThermaLeaf® is known for. Instead of fire retarding as an aftermarket application, ThermaLeaf® injects the fire retardant chemicals into the material and mold so that quality of foliage does not get affected as well as these can be the most effective fire retardant products.

Fire Retardant Tests

ThermaLeaf® also carries out fire retardant test to ensure the quality of products and to stand along the claims that they make to their customers. As per the National Fire Protection Agency (NFPA) all the foliage need to undergo certain fire retardant test and should score a class "A" rating. The methods used to carry out a fire retardant test are called Toxicity Test Methods, and the result obtained need to be below the IDLH value of the gases listed in the NIOSH guide. All the range of ThermaLeaf® successfully meets all the fire retardant standards. All its products meet all the local, national and international fire codes thus offering highest quality products ever to the customers.

Best Solution for Commercial Applications

ThermaLeaf®'s proven and reliable fire safety solutions are highly suitable for all commercial applications. Since commercial environments are full of fire risks and dangers, hence such reliable solutions can enhance the overall safety of the premises. All the artificial plants and trees offered by Commercial Silk Int'l under the name ThermaLeaf® are back up with fire retardant properties. Whether you purchase artificial plants outdoor use, privacy greenery, artificial boxwood products, topiaries, artificial ivy walls or more, you can stay assured that all those completely fire safe.

Does not Wear or Wash Off

The most common problem with ordinary artificial plants is that they lose their shine and color soon they encounter frequent water, UV rays and all. This not only makes your landscape look ugly but also waste your investment that you do on artificial landscaping. But the innovative technology used in the manufacture of ThermaLeaf® foliage, make it stay fresh, elegant and realistic looking for years without washing or wearing off the colors. The material utilized also does not degrades in quality. All these products can offer you a wonderful looking and long lasting landscape for your residential as well as commercial space.

Smooth Surface Prevents Dust Build Up

All the ThermaLeaf® products consist of a smooth surface that prevents build up of dust thus making these solutions completely maintenance free. Dust build up is also one of the major problems that artificial landscape users have to come across. Frequent dust buildup also makes the plants look dull and boring. But with all the ThermaLeaf® foliage you can rest assured that your plants won't have to encounter much dust as they have been created with great care and affection giving a smooth surface on which dust particles can rarely be stable. No matter whatever product you are using quality offered is up to the highest standard for all the landscaping products.

What Products Can You Have From ThermaLeaf®?

There are a wide variety of plants, trees, flowers and other foliage that you can have for your space from ThermaLeaf®. All the product line comes with lifetime fire protection assurance. Below are major varieties that you can have.

ThermaLeaf® Artificial Plants

The line of ThermaLeaf® artificial plants consists of a wide variety of products including handing plants, artificial vines, grasses, ThermaLeaf® cactus & succulents, bushes and more. Even among these major plants, you can have numerous more varieties.

ThermaLeaf® Artificial Trees

The different kinds of artificial trees from ThermaLeaf® include ThermaLeaf® silk Bonsai tree, Pine, Tropical trees and more. The size of these trees may vary from smaller, medium to larger as per your particular requirements.

ThermaLeaf® Topiaries

You can have different types of topiaries including ThermaLeaf® topiary cones, balls, topiary spirals, ivy topiaries, artificial boxwood topiaries and more. In addition to these standard shapes, you can even get custom shaped and designed topiaries for your space with ThermaLeaf®.

ThermaLeaf® Artificial Palms

ThermaLeaf®'s range of artificial palms consists of the preserved coconut palm, areca palm, preserved fan palm, date palm and kentia palm. You can choose from the sizes as per your specific preferences.

Artificial ThermaLeaf® Foliage

The line of artificial foliage from ThermaLeaf® consists of artificial moss, plastic plants for the garden, stems and picks, ThermaLeaf® flowers, Ivy mats, boxwood mats and much more.