The Only Office Makeover Planning Guide You Need This Season

Artificial Indoor Plants A new office makeover helps you to refine or modify the operational performance of your organization. Moreover, it provides you another way to express your corporate personality with novel and innovative ideas.

Corporate space represents business identity. So, if you are willing for a makeover of your office setup, try to introduce functional elements in office space. Commercial organizations are adopting new design trends such as vinyl or tile flooring, which is easy to clean. Other modern trends are minimalist shelving, circular workplaces, furniture innovations and eco-friendly initiatives. Before you take any makeover related decisions, do project analysis first. If you are an owner or designer, try to express your passion for your renovation project.

Makeover strategies for small and large office spaces

If you own a large office, you need to hire an interior decorator for renovation or makeover. An interior decorator works in association with a contractor. Try to frame clear lines of responsibility for both of them. Try to establish proper and timely communication so that your makeover project is served the way you want it. There is ample scope for beautifying your office space using artificial landscaping products like faux plantations. You can have fake indoor plants at gateways, near staircases, near walkways, aisles, cubicles, presentation and meeting rooms.

If you have a small or medium office space, you can try different strategies for renovation. Work on lighting aspects. Adopt energy efficient lighting systems such as DIY lighting projects. Install motion sensors to switch off a light when not in use.

Redefining your office decor with artificial accessories

It is a green idea to place plants at interim areas such as near cubicles or near presentation venues. Presence of plants purifies air, creating a salubrious atmosphere. Such points become visually attractive, compelling clients to revisit your office. However, plants need regular maintenance and nurturing. In addition, plants need sunlight for optimal growth. So it is a great idea to use artificial indoor plants instead. Artificial flowers can be planted both inside offices and cabinets and outside in lobbies. Artificial indoor plants can be made to represent theme of your office decorum. Strategic positioning provides perception of enhanced depth. You can try various artificial floral arrangements that match your business purpose. You can try topiary trees in the courtyard. Topiary trees are available in varying designs and are a treat to watch. Artificial flower arrangements also provide healing to stressed out eyes through colour therapy. Using small fake plants will add charm to office walls. Such inputs will raise employee efficiency and willingness to work for your organisation.

Exterior Landscaping can be done with artificial outdoor plants. Silk flowering plants add a colorful and vibrant feel to the atmosphere. Creative landscaping can be done using faux trees and topiaries. Any wall can be made green using artificial Boxwood mats. Depending on your office theme, you can provide floral combinations. You can give serene breakthroughs by attaching magenta flowers on a light green background. You can create a dramatic impact by combining fluorescent green with cherubic red.


Lighting has a great influence on the observer. Painting rooms with light colors make them look brighter. Light colored rooms seem more significant than they are. Faux plants must match the color of walls to create symmetry and style statement. Artificial indoor plants also contribute to lighting effects. Corporate organizations must invest in energy efficient lighting solutions like photovoltaic glasses and solar cell panels.

Open and circular workspaces for staff motivation

Your staff is critical to achieving business success. So, corporate organizations must make their cabinets more employee friendly. Instead of separate workspaces, the trend has shifted to creating open, collaborative platforms. Partitions separating employee cabinets must be removed, creating open and circular spaces. Circular workspaces create a vibrant atmosphere and encourage informal communication between employees. Artificial floral arrangements also generate ambiance for collaborative workspaces promoting knowledge transfer. Fake landscaping products like topiary trees and faux plants energize your staff. Colour therapy can raise employee potential. Deep colored flowers stimulate observer concentration. For instance, violet color instills the power to meditate. If employees can think deeply, they can come out with more effective solutions for complicated issues.

Recycling initiatives

An office makeover requires you to dump redundant or obsolete document files. Old carpets and curtains need replacement. Rather than throwing them away, you can go for reuse and recycle. Appoint a creative artist who can turn the stuff into something useful. Old papers and fabrics can be turned into decorative items including artificial flowers and accessories. With such recycling initiatives, you can create a unique brand presence. Recycling initiatives also raise your eligibility for energy saving certificates like LEED certificate. With artificial floral arrangements, you help artists who have crafted the artworks beautifully.

Visual greenery through artificial turf

Every design decision should focus on functionality. Using artificial turf and vertical gardens will introduce visible greenery in corporate space. Artificial plantings and floral arrangements must merge nicely with the natural landscape. Artificial grass is used to make turf in outer areas of offices. Artificial turf is cut such that it combines with existing columns and walls. Topiary trees are used to create simple shapes like green pillars to incredible structures. In your garden, you can have a mix of natural plants with silk trees. Silk plantings are maintenance free and add a touch of elegance.

Furniture innovations

If you are looking for office makeover, you can invest in some designer furniture with enhanced functionality. Try chairs with adjustable arms and headrests, especially for the breakout zones of your office. You can also buy standing height desks. Choose furniture with durable components like tempered glass and metallic covers. You can try slide-out seats for business meetings and presentations. You can also have chairs with tablet arms. Furniture innovations boost employee creativity as well as customer delight.                                         

If you are watching for a renovation or makeover of corporate space, utilize it as an opportunity to restate or reinvigorate your corporate theme. Recycle your unwanted stuff to design decorative accessories for your office. Invest in energy efficient lighting installations such as DIY lighting projects. Create vibrant and lively atmosphere by placing artificial plants and flowering arrangements in corporate space. Add visual greenery by putting fake green turf. Have well-designed furniture to match changing customer expectations and employee requirements.